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You want to know everything about them. Offer a solution to a problem Why do you use Google? Instead, you're trying to entice and engage a reader who hopefully will then want to know more about your business.

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The Pros It's Free Website owners and online media are desperate for content and are willing to post your unique, quality-written, relevant article on their sites. Speaking of competitors, the number of those offering similar products or services will help you figure out if your niche is too narrow--or too broad and not even a niche anymore.

How to get an article written about your business

You have a unique understanding of the subject that you write about, so share that perspective. With the advent of the Internet and online blogs, writing has quickly become informal. Before launching Designing Solutions, Wiener did her homework to see if there was really a need for the niche enterprise she was contemplating. Relevancy based on expertise: Your content should always be relevant according to the business area or expertise that your reader is interested in. Do not risk offending your reader by repeating information word for word. You can give them information to solve their problems and lead them to research that gives more evidence. In fact, niche ventures have a 25 percent better chance of surviving over 10 years than more general types of companies, says Jennifer Sander, a small-business consultant in Granite Bay, California, and co-author of Niche and Get Rich. Placing the most important information in the first paragraph is very important. There may be a few who do it just for fun, but many are building a personal brand that they use to sell books, get speaking gigs, improve their job prospects, land clients, or sell product.

Experts use certain, assertive language and action phrases. If you use too many keywords, then your content will end up looking cluttered and unnatural.

On the other side of things, content marketers, advertisers, and writers find their audiences by filling their content with relevant keywords.

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Relevant: When a topic is relevant, it means that it will add value to your audience. Bullet points and numbered lists are excellent for scan-able content. Strong, consistent branding will bring attention to your company, create trust and ensure that people remember you. Often, the goals of digital marketing articles include: Attracting incoming links to the website. Article writing can help to increase your chances that potential customers will find you, instead of your competitor, when looking for solutions to their problems. Staff pics, behind-the-scenes peeks and old photos add context and color to your company description. Because with a good article you can increase your reach and credibility, which can lead to more profits in your home business. Article Table of Contents Skip to section Expand. You can also combine your article writing solutions with blogging to help you get a more comprehensive content strategy going. I write with direct language. You just have to adopt a questioning attitude. Catch their attention and then bring them into the article.

You can give them information to solve their problems and lead them to research that gives more evidence.

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How to Write Articles That Sell With These 30 Strategic Steps