Writing a book review worksheet

It may contain interesting details related to the text that contribute to, or detract from, the work as a whole.

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And emails are one of those things that are easy to fall behind on. What are their motivations? For nonfiction take account of how the author characterizes the topics, favorably or unfavorably, are the ideas well explained or simply stated as fact?

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Is the exploration of the themes deep or surface only? Someone you know would love this.

Writing a book review worksheet

The summary should also provide some orientation for the reader. Worry about the big picture stuff first—structure, great intro sentence, great closing paragraph—before you worry about grammar and typos. How does it fit into the purpose of the work as a whole? You will be describing the contents of the book to some extent, but the goal of a book review is not to explain what the book is about but to evaluate its quality and significance. That was helpful, but it was also more than I needed. What was the biggest takeaway for you? Make It Personal Often when teaching essay writing we will talk to our students about the importance of climbing up and down the ladder of abstraction. Does it contain a table of contents, index, glossary etc? Book Title The author often makes a strong point in the choice of title.

Make sure students understand how to back up their opinions with various forms of evidence, for example, quotations, statistics, and use of primary and secondary sources.

And in the closing paragraph I explained why that mattered.

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You are going to have to inevitably recommend or reject this book to potential readers.

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Book Review Writing Template