Write around circle photoshop border

From the Options bar select a font, style, size, and color of the text. Click OK Select a custom shape. Since that time she has operated the summer camp program, taught at the research and development center at John Knox Christian School, trained educators throughout the province on issues related to technology integration, and overseen the curriculum development of hundreds of technology projects.

Here we have a badge, similar to the one I use on my own blog images and videos.

text inside circle photoshop

Some of it gets cut off at the end: Dragging the text too far resulted in the end being cut off. See below for how to flip and move the text into the correct place.

The spot you click on is where the text will begin, and as you continue typing, the text follows the direction of the path. Watch what happens, though, if I drag my text too far.

how to write text in circle in adobe photoshop 7

It's then really quick to just edit the path with the new text. Paths are stored in the Paths Panel.

how to write text in circle in photoshop 7

Type and the text will automatically wrap around the shape. The end was cut off because I moved the text beyond the visible text area on the path.

Text in a circle illustrator

The text is now added to the path, although in my case it's on a bit of a weird angle, but we'll fix that next. You can create the paths for the text using just the Pen tool. To edit your text, double-click the T icon for the type layer in the Layers palette and use any of the editing functions in the Options bar, Character palette or Paragraph palette. And there we have it! The cursor will change to an I-beam with a dotted wavy line through it. The pointer changes to an I-beam with a wavy line. Photoshop actually gives us three different types of shapes that we can draw—vector shapes, paths, and pixel-based shapes. Click and drag to draw a shape. Try it! As we'll see in a moment, we can easily move the text around on the path when we're done: The text is flowing along the shape of the circle. Choose Path from the Options Bar.
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Creating Type On A Path In Photoshop