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If you see something unusual, report it to the proper authorities. Impact on the Environment: The severity of the drought is gauged by the degree of moisture deficiency, its duration, and the size of the area affected.

Write an article on man-made disasters in india

People were rendered jobless as their crops were destroyed and their cattle died hungry. Maharashtra drought of Maharashtra witnessed its worst drought in past 40 years. Embankments along the banks of rivers in densely populated areas. MIC gas is used as an ingredient in pesticides. A lot of illegal construction was done in lower lying areas of Mumbai. The explosion killed 11 workers and injured 17 others. Frequent roadblocks in the hilly areas 5. This was a classic case of negligence on part of management and operational staff, who did not implement most of the mandatory fire safety norms, as laid down by the government. Flood affected areas are faced with acute shortage of food and drinking water. Another technological disaster is due to the potential damages of nuclear fallout. A lot has been researched and written in this area. When the stress on the rocks exceeds certain limits, the rocks rupture and form a fault along which the rocks are displaced during tectonic movements. The rainfall analysis of to for the month of June to October reveals that 17 districts that were mentioned as drought affected regions were hit very badly. Lot of toxic and human waste is being dumped in our water bodies, fossil fuels are burnt and human garbage is buried inside land.

Short-term effects on human health relate to casualties and diseases like blindness, cancer, paralysis, heart trouble, gastric and respiratory abnormalities. This sudden rupture of the rocks releases energy in the form of earthquake waves Fig.

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The impact on the environment is severe, some of which are as under Fig. There is extensive crop damage. Lightning may cause a natural fire, but leaked gas or faulty mechanical equipment is considered a man-made cause. Cloudbursts, floods and rapid swelling of fast-flowing rivers aren't uncommon. There is great damage to agriculture and livestock. Floods cause widespread damage to the standing crops and degrade the agricultural land. By building retaining walls made of concrete, gabions stone filled wire blocks and wooden and steel beams, etc.

However, there are certain regions that are earthquakes prone and so the administration must work before hand to minimize the damages due to occurrence of earthquakes in such areas.

They are as integral to the state as the Brahmaputra River is, and each monsoon, we are reminded that Assam exists or is drowning.

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India needs to make a stronger stand and give out a firm message at global level. True, the region experienced heavy rainfall of mm within 24 hours on June , leading to flash floods. Yet another dams are reportedly in various stages of commissioning, construction or planning, mainly by private companies, which would be largely unaccountable. Haphazard, unregulated construction of roads and bridges was allowed on crumbling, landslide-prone ridges and steep slopes, ignoring the region's fragile geology and high earthquake vulnerability. Few lessons have been learnt since as several hospitals and public buildings in Kolkata and other cities, continue to remain a potential tinder box. The affected areas are inundated both with rainfall and the surge of seawater. Thus, droughts are a natural phenomenon, beyond human control and prevention. As I write this piece, Assam is slowly recovering from the first wave of flood this monsoon. People woke up and ran outside desperately gasping for breath only to take in more of the deadly gas. The instrument that records the seismic waves is called seismograph. Forget about responsibility, not even a sense of morality was shown by management of Union Carbide Corporation. Unfortunately, several industries in India still continue to operate with very little government pressure on implementation of safety protocols as per Standard Operating Procedures laid down by the authorities.

Increased use of drought resistant crops. Preventing human encroachment: Human encroachment should be avoided in the following areas: 1.

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In Novembera severe cyclone caused a 6 m rise in sea-level and the consequent flooding killed approximately three lakh people. Building of physical barriers: Flood can be prevented by building certain structures, such as: 1.

Construction work and concentration of human population should be avoided in the floodplains. CSE researchers have compiled the list of such events which include: Mumbai floods ofLeh cloudburst ofUttarakhand floods offollowed by India-Pakistan floods this year.

A lot has been researched and written in this area.

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Satellites can easily forecast the origin of cyclones in advance. India will get more rainfall but lesser number of rainy days. Use of technology for relief: Advanced technology can be used in the following ways: 1. It killed roughly 5, people, affected 50, more people, and left at least 1, blind. Thus earthquake is a form of energy, which is transmitted to the surface of the earth in the form of waves called seismic waves. The rainfall analysis of to for the month of June to October reveals that 17 districts that were mentioned as drought affected regions were hit very badly. During droughts, rainfall is less than normal causing a water imbalance and resultant water shortage. Similar incident occurred at Mandher Devi temple in Wai, district Satara in Maharashtra on 26 January , when a stampede led to persons being killed and left over injured. In the last years, earthquakes around the world have killed several million people. A disaster of this proportion makes it difficult to measure the amount of environmental damage, but it can be assumed to be quite extensive. It was only a couple of hundred years ago with the invention of industry that people brought about unnatural man-made disasters. The control and mitigation measures in earthquake prone regions include hazard reduction programmes, development of critical facilities and proper land use planning. Manmade structures like buildings, bridges, roads, sewer lines, power lines, etc. However, irrespective of the duration of a disaster, the damage in the form of deaths, injuries and losses of property is immense. Floods cause widespread damage to the standing crops and degrade the agricultural land.

Landslides: Earthquakes of high intensity often trigger many landslides in the hilly regions. These plates are in continuous motion over the mantle, which is known as tectonic movements.

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