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womens day speech in bengali

However in recent years even people in small towns are coming to know about the Women's Day celebration and send cards and flowers to the one lady they look upon.

Colours signifying International Women's Day Purple - justice, dignity, self-reverence and self-respect Gold - new dawn in women's movement Green - hope and new life.

Womens day speech in bengali

Women from various cultural and ethnic groups come together crossing all the boundaries to remember their struggle of many decade for peace, justice, equality and development. There was a group of women garment makers in New York who worked under a very poor working environment and were not paid for what they were elligble. In India, Women's Day is about ensuring that the society is just and fair to all its members including women. Today is a very special day for all of us as our NGO is dedicated towards empowering the deprived women across the country and we have decided to honour the NGO members with awards for their hard-work and dedication towards the NGO. Though I believe that everyday should be dedicated to the celebration womanhood but we all know we would sound so unfair to men for this.. There is no limit to the work or efforts that a woman can put forward for her own progress as well as the progress of the people linked to her. Workfront or homefront everyplace has a special non replaceable role that the women plays. They need respect, care, support and motivation from us. The ICRC underlined the duty of parties to a conflict to search for the missing and provide information to the families. After the fall of Communism, the holiday, generally considered to be one of the major symbols of the old regime, fell into obscurity. Started just 7 years ago, it gives me immense pleasure to share that today we have 15 branches across India and the fame of our NGO has spread across the world. God created the feminine creature as a symbol of utmost affection that not only leads the perfect life for herself but also lays down the strongest base for others dreams as well. On this day the different societies and communities of women come together and form a huge network and discuss on the various way of bringing about a meaningful and wise change for their betterment.

On this day the world unites to appreciate their courage to cross all the hurdles and make such tremendous improvement in all most all the spheres of life.

This has provoked some controversy as a large part of the public as well as the political right see the holiday as a relic of the nation's Communist past. And that is the reason we have always emphasized upon giving the due respect to women in their life.

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Without women the world and our lives are incomplete. Scope of celebration of women day cannot be defined as the deeds done by women as it can never ever be summed up.

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