What made me choose the path of nursing

In fact, there are more than different specialties in the world of nursing. This makes nursing a great choice if you're the type who thrives under pressure and craves excitement. Hours Nursing is adaptable so it works with your lifestyle: days, evenings, nights and weekends.

I applied for paramedicine and nursing was my back up. This began the exciting new journey into this right career path of mental health nursing. I built such a strong rapport with the family that I really felt I made a huge positive impact.

Expand Why It Works: This works because the candidate is letting the interviewer know that working with patients is of primary importance.

why did you choose to be a nurse

Nursing did this to me. It all changed for me when I met a lady of 95 while working on a palliative care ward. It is truly the human spirit that prevails in times of need and sometimes all it needs is a little care, support and guidance.

Registered nurses RNs and nurse practitioners NP can work in a wide variety of places.

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How to Answer "Why Did You Choose Nursing as a Career?"