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Unsurprisingly, colonial legislative records typically offered no clear rationale in favor of felon disenfranchisement. Correctional surveys have consistently identified a Democratic skew in felon disenfranchisee preferences.

Felony disenfranchisement may serve as a lesson to the members of the public, thus restraining them from perpetrating crime Fukurai In any event, high-criminality offenders tend to have weak social bonds and may discount the value of enfranchisement.

felon disenfranchisement

Furthermore, even if ex-offenders were to base their votes on matters of criminal justice, it does not follow that their positions on these matters necessarily would be more permissive than those of the population as a whole.

It agreed that at the end of it all, these outcasts were being integrated into other societies, and they became better people. This nation once embraced enslavement, then condoned lynching, then for generations maintained pervasive and crippling inequality through legal racial discrimination concocted in gatherings like the Alabama Constitutional Convention.

To start this paper I will give a brief background on felon disenfranchisement in relation to race. However, no extant research supports a deterrent effect.

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While incarcerated, their families suffer economic hardships. Felons have paid their debt to society; they should be reintegrated into mainstream society as smoothly as possible. When researching deeper into felon disenfranchisement, there is an underlying racial factor that consistently comes up. The sheer number of felons with no right to vote skews the elections, especially those on the local level, and smaller communities. A from the voting act prevents someone who has been convicted of felony to participate in an election; however this enactment is as a result of racial politics Preuhs R. Felons should be punished but not continually throughout their lives. Facing federal litigation, legislators in May sent a bill to Gov. Thus far, no Voting Rights Act claim has resulted in a successful challenge to felon disenfranchisement. As a society, we cannot afford to turn our back on. Such a shadowy form of citizenship must not be imposed lightly McLaughlin v. Although Karl Marx is famous for his thesis that economics drives political development Tucker, , modern Marxist thought has morphed into a more general tool of analysis, conflict theory, wherein individuals and institutions interact with each other on the basis of self-interest, often driven by an underlying process that is not necessarily apparent to observers see, e.
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Felon Disenfranchisement Essay Example