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Dealing with her fate, some of Mathilde's strong character traits soon become apparent. One evening, her husband brought her an invitation to a ball in hopes to make her happy.

The jeweler told that the Necklace is real and is worth 25, francs, which was a shocker to M. Maupassant uses an abundance of linguistic techniques which often make the theme of the Necklace; a contrast between an enchanting lifestyle to a common life of the middle class.

It is through Matilde that Maupassant develops the story's irony.

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An ironic and a self-explanatory tale, The Necklace is written filled with twists that might just make you doubt your stand in life. Mathilde felt that she was attractive and that fate must have made a mistake in birthing her into a family that could not provide a suitable dowry for a proper marriage. Mathilde is always unhappy where she feels destiny has placed her unjustly Many of the past problems were caused by the humans nature of greed. Maupassant tells a story of a woman, Mrs. These are the people who are stuck where they are, but feel that their true places are at the top of the social ladder. He was famous for his relationship with women and dies of syphilis, a sexually transmitted disease Maupassant uses the setting to reflect the character and development of the main character, Mathilde Loisel. Guy De Maupassant, one of the fathers of the short story, was born on August 5th This story is about Mme Losiel dreams of being rich, popular, and fashionable. However, she is very unhappy with her life The author Guy de Maupassant was famous for mystery story writing. Madame Mathilde was one of those beautiful and delightful young ladies with not very many high expectations, achievements, and no way to be accepted into the elaborate society and lifestyle in which she finds herself daydreaming about day and night. What would have happened if Mathilde had not lost the necklace??.

The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant contains a variety of literary elements that add depth and meaning to the story. The problems that she experiences, including misplacing a borrowed, expensive necklace, shows the readers that hard work pays off.

She longs to have materialistic items and to live a different life that she leads. Their hatred of her and the monarchy in general led to the French Revolution. A series of events then occur allowing Mathilde to realize she should be grateful for what she has and more importantly the lifestyle she is living in.

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The main character, Madame Loisel, borrows a diamond necklace from her rich friend, Madame Forestier, to wear at a ball hosted by the Minister of Public Instruction at the Palace of the Ministry. Even when she gets a new dress she is still unhappy.

Since she was unable to switch her social class, she tried for all occasion to appear as rich women.

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