The kingdom of ayutthaya history essay

ayutthaya kingdom

In the cliffs, rock paintings were discovered dating back to 3, years ago. What is now called Khlong Wat Tum, was thus a stretch of the old river.

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Protection and management requirements The Historic City of Ayutthaya is managed as a historical park. A map in a TAT publication [5] of an undefined drawer indicates that the city was situated in the oxbow of the Pa Sak River.

Chiang Mai fell to the invaders in The male monarchs of Ayutthaya grew really rich since they taxed all good come ining all go forthing the land. The land of Ayutthaya traded with states from all over the universe and their male monarchs gave land outside the metropolis to foreign merchandisers and their households so that they could detect their ain spiritual and cultural patterns.

The Khmers were never a threat to the Thais again after that. King Narai welcomed these aliens as they brought with them cognition of military personal businesss, medical specialty, uranology and architecture.

The Siamese Royal Court also kept meticulous records; many were destroyed in the sack of the city, but some have remained and are an important source of authenticity.

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Here, a brief history of these intriguing remains found in Ayutthaya. Chao Phya Chakri known as Rama I, became the new king.

The kingdom of ayutthaya history essay

In addition, the ruins of all the most important buildings have been consolidated, repaired and sometimes reconstructed. When a group of people from southern China known as the Mons, migrated to the Menam Chao Basin, the Mons took over entire civilized areas. His senior brother, Prince Thammathibet, was made the front castle in During the next few years, Thailand had several minor changes in the leadership of Thailand. I discussed this already in an earlier paper. What is now called Khlong Wat Tum, was thus a stretch of the old river. Several canals soon connected the rivers throughout Thailand together to provide more routes. Astrology was also a vital part to understanding the natural and spiritual worlds and became an important cultural means to enforce social taboos and customs. Intrathit was more like a well-respected chieftain than a ruler, and more like a father to the people than the king. They vastly outnumbered the phrai luang. Khlong Bang Khuat is a canal dug in the Ayutthayan era — a source stated during the reign of King Borommakot r.

They also controlled their southern states. Many nobles of different grades were ranked and given personal titles according to how much land they owned. In the Burmese conquered the metropolis of Ayutthaya and won.

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