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The concept is particularly relevant to child maltreatment proceedings where many of the respondents are not only women and mothers, but also women of color and women experiencing poverty.

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The tools of TJ draw from the psychological and behavioral sciences for motivating positive behaviors. Taking the first set of findings as a starting point, I asked in greater detail and depth how race, gender, and class may have affected courtroom interactions, a component not fully explored previously.

The study contributes to this effort by providing a finely grained picture of how bias may surface in the courtroom during ordinary courtroom interactions.

How does gender intersect with race and class

Using white men as the reference group, we examine the wage penalties of black women, a group that holds two socially marginalized identities, to determine if this disadvantage is above and beyond the penalties associated with simply adding isolated penalties ascribed to black women due to their gender relative to black men and their race relative to white women. Procedural fairness encompasses four elements: voice, neutrality, respectful treatment, and trustworthiness Tyler, This gender wage gap is exacerbated when we analyze annual wages as opposed to hourly wages, with white women receiving only 69 percent of the annual wages received by white men. Specifically, we investigate whether the magnitude of the gender and racial wage gaps varies across group identity. We then present evidence that holding multiple identities cannot readily be disaggregated in an additive fashion, but rather the penalties associated with holding a combination of two or more socially marginalized identities interact in more quantitatively nuanced ways. One such stereotype is that of the welfare queen, a mythologized—and always Black—woman who is poor because of laziness and aversion to work, conniving in her welfare dependency, promiscuous in her sexual habits, and by extension, deficient in her mothering ability Lens, Adverse perceptions of a family's community may also cause workers to perceive parents as willfully refusing, rather than unable, to comply with agency directives Miller et al. Neither judges nor courts are value free and both are more likely than not to reflect the dominant values and ideology of a society. Overall, throughout the state judiciary, about one third of judges are women National Association of Women Judges, Throughout this proceeding, the judge repeatedly belittled her efforts to find a tutor, portraying all of her actions as inadequate. William Darity Jr.

The two central figures of the proceeding, the caseworker and the mother, were adversaries to one another but they shared a common bond of race; they both receded into the background as the mostly White and female legal professionals argued their cases.

Detecting when marginalization is occurring is a difficult task.

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This unexplained portion is typically interpreted as statistical evidence for race or gender discrimination. Decades of criticism have also begotten decades of reforms, both procedural and substantive.

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