The difference between men and women

Anterior corona radiata is part of the limbic-thalamo-cortical circuitry and includes thalamic projections from the internal capsule to the prefrontal cortex. White matter changes in the anterior corona radiata could result in many of the cognitive and emotion regulation disturbances Drevets, The high classification accuracy rate indicates that the proposed model can accurately find the brain structure difference between men and women, which is the basis of subsequent feature analysis and subreginal analysis.

Bonferroni correction was applied for multiple comparisons with the threshold equal to 0. For example, certain autoimmune diseases may occur predominantly in one sex, for unknown reasons.

Part 4 brings us into the twenty-first century, although not to any happy ending. Maps of classification accuracies for different ROIs in the gray and white matter of the brain. Their group-level difference was evaulated using a two-sample t-test.

PDF version An artificially coloured 3D magnetic resonance imaging scan of a human brain. Interestingly, men have significantly higher entropy than women for all features see Figure 4. Through 3D PCNN model, our results confirm that there is likely a morphological difference at the genu of corpus callosum between man and women.

difference between male and female body

Discriminative Power of Brain Regions In order to determine which brain regions may play important role in gender-related brain structural differences, we repeated the same 3D PCNN-based classification on each specific brain region.

Between-group differences of 32 features in voxel values.

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Sex differences in humans