Television and children research paper

Natural disasters, war, criminal investigations, and accidents are a few examples of things that appear in news reports on a daily basis.

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Approximately However, the directly casual relation was not proved in the present study. Many thought that letting children watch television would make them smarter, but it only made them more violent and have less creativity and imagination. It can curb their physical activity, social interaction and also cognitive development in some cases.

negative effects of television on children

Movies and other television shows may exaggerate reality and create extremely violent scenes online, which may be terrifying for kids. PubMed Google Scholar 2. Set TV time rules for school days: Chalk out specific TV times for kids for weekdays and weekends and stick to them.

National Health Examination Survey. Tell them about the gameplay, rules and other interesting facts about the sport. Results The percentage of children who watched TV 4 hours or more per day was Every day the news is full of events that could possible leave a lasting effect on children.

Television also influences their development and their behaviors. Many news channels have taken steps to change the possible negative effects their content may have on children.

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12 Good And Bad Effects Of Television On Children