Technology s impact caribbean ecnomies

These changes bring enormous long-term benefits.

If they do, it will lead to an influx of international tourists, as well as produce significant changes in the economic and social structure of the Region.

In the early stages of such revolutions, more and more resources are devoted to innovation and reorganization whose benefits are realized only much later.

technology in the caribbean

What areas of the economy are benefited from the Smart concept? The study also estimates that about half of all paid activities could be automated using existing robotics and artificial and machine learning technologies.

Because of the lags involved in adapting to new processes, such as replacing traditional printing with online publishing, it takes time before output growth accelerates. Similarly, the gig economy is causing a reconsideration of rules: for example, what does it mean to be self-employed in the age of Uber?

Artisans from Barbados, St.

Technology s impact caribbean ecnomies

Therefore, training and forums in the Latin American and the Greater Caribbean Region have been implemented by qualified training experts in the field of digital and technological tourism. In this regard, the ACS has provided training courses in andrelated to the use of communication technologies, focusing on areas of promotion and marketing for Small and Medium Enterprises, specifically with the Artisans of the Greater Caribbean sector.

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New technology and the Caribbean