Tanging yaman reflection paper

With Love.

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Films with religious motivations are often criticized for being too disconnected with the realities of human imperfections to be of real effect.

One can easily relate with each character and their rollercoaster of emotion in one seating. MONEY, if we become slave of it, it will divide us They cater mostly to those who are already religious, reconfirming for them the faith they have sworn to uphold.

Tanging yaman reflection paper

Moreover, in line with our topic on family and health, a functional family would be one that health interventions would be easily administered since there is harmony and that each member is willing to undertake responsibilities for the welfare of the other.

That is all about my sharing for the day. Most families go to church every Sunday and pray the rosary together every day.

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Money is a necessity for us to survive but it is not everything.

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