Steps in statistical investigation

When did the study take place? Who is collecting the data? The research should have been carried out by a third party that was not connected to, or paid by, the drug company.

stages of statistical survey

Subsequently, you put the data in a tabular format and present it well. Therefore, you need to edit, classify, and tabulate the data in order to organize it. Does the group collecting the data have an interest in the final results? The truth, however, may be based upon the context of the data, the size of the sample, and the conditions under which the data were collected and reported.

For example, a drug company publishes in a magazine a study that found positive results from the use of their knee-joint supplement, but does not publish a study that found negative, or even dangerous, results from use of the same supplement. In the case of the SAT examination, it may be the case that the populations used in the studies were different.

Here are a few of the questions to ask yourself when dealing with data: 1. Consumer beware! For example, a digital scale used for measuring weights may not be sufficiently accurate for samples of extremely small size, thus yielding unreliable data for certain items in the sample.

Discuss Interpret the Results : interpret your finding from the analysis of the data, in the context of the original problem.

Plan Ask a question : formulate a statistical question that can be answered with data.

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The Stages of a Statistical Investigation