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John even when you use their first name. Lusaka cannot get enough offices, shopping malls, play parks, schools, etc.

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Are you an entrepreneur searching for small business to invest on? Poverty One of the challenges of investing in Zambia is that it is very poor. Anyone wishing to start their own business must have these requirements: Capital You will definitely need some form of money to invest in order to start up a business or company. Can you draw or design jewellery? An exhibitor displays salted dry fish in Lusaka The first and perhaps most important thing, is to know exactly what product and service you intend to offer here. The modernization of agriculture is done mainly by mechanising farming in the country. Telecommunications Zambia is one of the most promising markets for information and communication technology. For example can you play a musical instrument? To do business with a state controlled company or a government department, you have to know someone who is senior. In this regard, a basic business structure is important. Its citizens are equally poor with millions not working. Turn your hard and soft skills in to a lesson. They get to work late and leave early.

You do not have to be Zambian to do this. This is not to say, too, that there are no businesses you can work with who will not expect a bribe from you.

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Depending on the industry you can get tax breaks for a certain period where you do not pay income tax to the Zambia Revenue Authority. Attach copies of articles of association as well as identification for all the directors. Selecting business premises matter because it determines the visibility and accessibility of your business. Soya Bean Processing There is a need to diversify the food intake to bring nutritional ingredients in the local diet. Snail Rearing: If you establish yourself as a snail retailer, you are surely on the way to immense wealth. But despite the countries rapidly growing economy, employment opportunities are still limited for a native, which has pressed Zambia to create employment opportunities of their own. Those who are investing in real estate will be reaping it big soon. Since Zambia is a young economy, investment opportunities are numerous. Viber By Wesley Ngwenya Many Zambians and non-Zambians alike who are abroad wonder about what they need before they come to invest in Zambia.

Health services Although the Zambian government is trying as much as possible to meet the health needs of Zambians, much still needs to be done in the healthcare sector. Then I advice you read on.

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However, it is a common practice here in Zambia. In fact, even your unique skills whether it is business, medicine, or some other field will be resented.

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It is very difficult to play it clean in this country when most of your partners around you are playing it dirty. Second Hand Products: The second hand business in Zambia is rising everyday by day. You can start off small and quickly scale up which makes poultry farming a profitable business in Zambia. However, in Zambia people are not usually in a hurry to do work. Website Designing: This is quickly growing to be one of the most favorable and budding business domains for young entrepreneurs, not just in Zambia, but also across the globe. The permit gives you legality to operate your business at a particular place and time. These and many other questions need to be asked before one plans on returning home to invest in a business. Solar energy for example is one area that could benefit the majority of Zambians all across the country at the same time make someone some big money.

And this opens wide a door of opportunities for private clinics and hospitals, sales and distribution of medicines and medical equipment, training medical personnel, and health counseling. Soya Bean Processing There is a need to diversify the food intake to bring nutritional ingredients in the local diet.

Zambia is a country located in Southern Africa with 17 million plus citizens. Knowing the tax laws of Zambia If you are importing something into the country it is important to find out what the customs and tax laws are before you come in.

Therefore, the cultivation of rice can be a guaranteed idea to start a business and a fruitful source of profits.

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Zambia : What you need to know before coming to do business in Zambia