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He uses his Rewrite ability to make himself faster, but loses sight of them only to meet a menacing man who summons another large dog to chase after Kotarou.

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She meets back up with Kotarou when he comes back and tries to help him hide Kagari by using her barriers and familiars. Spurred on by Kotori's love for Pero despite caring for him being nothing more than a duty to her, Kotarou decides to leave Martel. Wanting to help Kagari in her research, Kotarou brings her some coffee, although it takes three cups until she warms up him.

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Kagari kills him when he tries to get close to her, only for him to awaken in his bed later. Not even because of the mediocre studio, but even designs imported from the visual novel.

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However, Sakura sends more monsters while Kagari is in the process of putting her theory into action. Kagari escapes from Kotarou's safe house, and he goes to search for her in the forest. All of these shows above stress the importance of friendship and that despite what happens in our lives, the true nature of happiness comes from compassion and not separation; laughter and not injustice; cooperation and not competition. Life is extinguished in most of them, but humans evolve in one of them, only for their civilization to be destroyed by the Key. Kagari shows up at school the next day, but she draws unwanted attention. The player then trains his or her team to improve their statistics and eventually challenge others who play the game. Rewrite looks terrible. Kotarou becomes disillusioned with Guardian's tactics and returns to Kazamatsuri where he meets Kagari again. Guardian discovers that Kotori has been seen in the forest lately, but when Sizuru attempts to leave to help Kotori and Kotarou, Lucia offers to go instead. He heads back to Kagari, who thanks him for the good memories he was able to give her, but since he was too late to prevent the world's destruction, Kotarou unwillingly stabs Kagari and then collapses. Kotori clearly does not agree with the Martel ideals, and so she stops going to their meetings. In a different timeline when he encounters Kagari, Kotarou lets her go.

After her bullying, she silently and proudly picks herself up, outright refusing others's helps. One is Kotori Kanbe, Kotarou's childhood friend in his class who has few friends [15] and starts attending school regularly after joining the club. Kotori's Route is one of the two heroine routes in Rewrite which is continued in Rewrite Harvest festa!

There is no plot in Rewrite. The club members spend fun, peaceful times together uncovering the supernatural mysteries of Kazamatsuri.

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Kotori is not shown disappearing with the rest of Kazamatsuri, suggesting that she either sacrificed herself when reviving Shizuru, or somehow survived salvation. Kotarou tells her what happened and even shows her a scar on his hand from the incident, but after taking his hand in hers, Sizuru points out that he does not have a scar. As Kotarou unveils hidden secrets of each member of the Occult Club through their shared adventures, he will inevitably encounter a fate that only he might be able to rewrite. I needed to see it to the end, so I could at least splash more salt than Arataka Reigen. The player then trains his or her team to improve their statistics and eventually challenge others who play the game. However, Kotarou deems her too young to be in that kind of dangerous situation, so he harshly tells her to go away and destroys the familiars she created with the corpses of her parents. Undeterred, Kotarou goes to the orphanage where Haruka once lived, but Lucia is there waiting for him. Kagari's salvation causes all humans to begin to disappear in glowing lights. Terra Route Edit Kotori is once again, introduced as Kotarou's neighbor. Kotarou at this point is a unified entity of all the Kotarous from all timelines where humanity was destroyed and he has memories of these events. Make something like that to satisfy their own sense of humor, so that maybe they can tell a compelling story and find a way for someone to get attached to its characters beyond humorous interactions. Shitcom, because both are pretty shit comedies. When he accepted it, Tanaka was still unaware that Maeda had stepped down as Key's main scenario writer, and he became more interested when he was told that he would write Rewrite's overall story. Sakuya is knowledgeable of Kotarou's power, which will cause him to cease to be human if used too excessively. Sometimes later, they meet outside a Martel's meeting.
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