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For example, we might want a laptop that has an ease-of-use rating of at least "good" by some nationally accepted ratings group. Remember that you include this section so that readers can check your thinking and come up with different conclusions if they desire.

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A campaign that conveys a sense of health and vitality to the consumer while enjoying Slim Choice is recommended. Schematic view of the whole-to-whole and the part-by-part approaches to organizing a comparison.

The student could also have written reducing, improving, and offering. In the abstract, the title of the report is often enclosed in quotation marks because the abstract might be reproduced in another context such as in a databasein which case the report title would be the title of a separate document.

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Is it okay to state that you are unsure about something? Bulleting the points also makes the list of actions clearer.

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Did it work? Often, this follows right after the discussion of the requirements. Don't use the whole-to-whole approach. You may also see examples of a short report. This type of report compares a thing to a set of requirements or criteria and determines how well it meets those requirements. The date the document was submitted. Just check out a good example and follow its structure using your own research results.

If you're trying to recommend a laptop computer for use by employees, there are likely to be requirements concerning size, cost, hard-disk storage, display quality, durability, and battery function.

The final section of feasibility and recommendation reports states the recommendation. You may also see performance report examples. In the introduction, indicate that the document that follows is a feasibility report or whatever it is called.

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Notice that the writers state that they cannot be sure whether the technical information they have found is accurate. While you might be a great technician, chemist or an engineer, there is usually little or no time to become an expert in literary styles. Because the executive summary is the report element addressed most directly to management, the writers make clear why they prefer looking again at whether the hospital can afford to purchase health-care-specific tablets. The major recommendation. It must untangle all the conflicting conclusions and somehow reach the final conclusion , which is the one that states which is the best choice. An example of recommendation report made by experts in your field of study is a good enough guideline for you to find out how to convince your specific audience and prove that your idea is worth considering. There are downloadable samples and templates of recommendation reports that you can use as guides and references whenever you are already ready to develop your own recommendation report. Requirements and Criteria. With the help of the information that you have provided, start drafting and creating a recommendation report that can be a valuable business document for your company.
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