Promoting tourism in india essay

India has innumerable attractions for tourists.

essay on tourism potential in india

The slogan of this campaign is Athithi Devoh Bhaboh. There must be a series of inclusive tours by charters and scheduled services for promotion of tourism. The public relation programmes must be prepared in detail and specific way and must vary from market to market. The media selection should be made by taking into the account the needs of the target markets.

Price will be the winning strategy in the coming years and this will force new alliances and mergers with other airlines for the reduction of the costs.

Promoting tourism in india essay

In India, earnings to the government and people from tourism as compared to such countries are only fractional. Indian tourism is strongly affected by terrorism, insecurity and pollution in the country; however, the sincere efforts of the Government of India are continuing to develop the Indian tourism industry. Terrorism now a days has become a global problem. The diverse geographical locales of India delight the tourists. The activities of state intervention includes- promotion, research and statistics, development of resources, operation of tourism facilities, liberalisation, tourist safety and international cooperation etc. The government is also suggested that the public and the private sector bodies should be closely associated with identification of needs, planning and initiating training courses tailored to the needs, monitoring the results and reviewing the overall organisation and direction of training at national level. Feature 5. Defining the product. The help from the World Bank and other financial institutions can be of utmost importance if proper feasibility analysis is done before the operation of the funds. The Role of State in Tourism Development: During past few decades, the importance of controlled economic system has been minimised and replaced in most parts of the world by a system of free economy. The embarking, disembarking and transiting of the passengers must take a shorter duration to reduce the stress of the tourists. India should formulate its strategy to promote international tourism based on professional principles of tourism business. Hotels, travel agencies, transport including airlines benefit a lot from this industry. The state government is also planning to set up a tourism police.

In India, earnings to the government and people from tourism as compared to such countries are only fractional. There may be several reasons for this. The public sector agencies should seek guidance from professional organisations to make their programmes more attractive.

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Build a management development system and career structure; vi. This project covered 2, hectares of forest and agricultural land in Mulshi taluka near Pune.

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It must fulfill the need to: i.

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