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The implications of this research are, firstly, this case report confirms previous research that not only emphasized on the need for customer-focus, but to endear consumers through brand-customer relationships, and secondly, this case report will benefit managers involved in the managing of brands, by helping them prevent their brands from sliding into stagnation or even extinction as a result of not having an emotional bonding with consumers.

It has been observed that this transformation infuses a value into the name and consequently increases its price.

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Secondly there will be no need of brand name research and thirdly consumer response to the new product will be sooner.

When considering a branding strategy, ask whether it is important for people to have a positive feeling about your project.

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This is exactly what marketing people try to do when they brand a product. A bottle of white leinen perfume will be perceived as a high quality expensive product but if the same perfume is in unmarked bottle it would be viewed as lower quality product even if the frequency, quality etc.

Correlate with all the other components of the decided Strategic Brand Platform.

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However, the focus should be on the framework of relationships that encompass loyalty, and not on loyalty alone. The brand donated a percentage of all sales of the product, towards the awarding of scholarships for enrolment into the nations 60 independent Chinese secondary schools. There was no gathering of primary data through physical involvement with entrepreneurs or organizations. Coming through a turbulent s, the brand now carries a diverse portfolio of brands and sub-brands ranging from cheap basics to high-priced fashion. Famous Brand- Brand Building It has been noticed that brand loyalty is an important factor in maintaining the number one position. Brand Relevance today is fundamentally different from the characteristics conventionally associated with a brands potency. In fact, some of the best brand stories are short and sweet—but they pack a punch. Thus, the area that requires further continuous research is the concept of brand-person relationships in line with relational one-to-one marketing replacing mass marketing as the dominant model. Without such Brand 5 Affinity, a brand would have very low Brand Relevance, and would not enjoy a high possibility of being in consumers brand consideration sets, in the ever-expanding global marketplace. For instance, The Coca-Cola Company hopes that you feel good about its products and that you will choose its products from a crowded store shelf because you like the image and emotion associated with it. Individual branding strategy allows firms to develop different images and positions for each of their products. Consumer Expectations -What consumers expect to receive from the brand. Secondly there will be no need of brand name research and thirdly consumer response to the new product will be sooner. In other words, a brand together with its organization and people need to continuously evolve. Positive branding communication helps you proactively build the image you want to portray rather than getting stuck with one.

And know that if the brand was executed well, a great deal of time, effort, blood, sweat, and tears went into bringing it to life. The Perodua Kancil was targeted primarily at first-time priceconscious car buyers, and secondarily at those looking for a nifty second or third car.

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