Persuasive essay longer lunch periods

longer lunch breaks in school

When the student has only 22 minutes to eat, is this even possible? At the shortest, the school lunch time is 15 minutes.

Persuasive essay longer lunch periods

Students will spend more time in the cafeteria and less time in the classroom. We encourage them to gobble their food, when the research shows that eating more slowly is healthier.

Although shorter lunches have been the trend in U.

high school lunch periods

Some school districts have cut lunch to just a few minutes, forcing students to wolf down their food as quickly as possible so they can return to their more valuable classroom time.

Some research and anecdotal evidence states otherwise.

Why schools should not have longer lunches

Other Debates Other pros and cons exist in the school lunch debate. Instead of calculating pre-algebra problems, middle school students need time to be kids, to tell jokes and stories about their life, to discuss the latest video games, to flirt with crushes. By the time they finally sat down with their trays, some kids had only 10 minutes to eat. Choosing the right topic for a persuasive speech is sometimes not such an. Research suggests that when people consume meals faster, they tend to take in more calories and still feel hungry much sooner. This relaxation time should come at lunch. However, experts say that the more nutritious food also takes more time to eat, which means kids may be served fresher, healthier fare, without sufficient lunch breaks to enjoy their meals.

Across the board, students prioritized eating their entrees. And for some students, lunch is their main meal.

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Longer Lunches, Smarter Students? The Controversy of 10 Minute or 1 Hour Lunch Periods