Personality analysis of kurt cobain

His parents divorced and consequent remarriage and the abuse of his mother by his stepfather caused him to hate adults in general. His negative thoughts towards others when he was a child devolved negative schemas in him as mentioned in history that may lead him towards the wrong path and he became depressed. He regularly used the drug during adulthood. He was a bully as a child, using it as an outlet for the anger he felt towards his parents in the situation he presented him with. The more he gives, the bigger is his reward, and the most successful and satisfying road for him is sharing and sacrificing for the larger goal, without expecting anything in return. Theoretically, oral-stage fixations are manifested as garrulousness, smoking, continual oral stimulus eating, chewing objects , and alcoholism. Also displayed withdrawn behavior from his parents and was less sociable with his peers. Vigilance — High — He did not trust people a lot and was vigilant. Cobain was passed around to several relatives and even lived under a bridge at one point.

Suprisingly, he seemed unusually tortured by success. Cobain did not handle the divorce well. Nobody could see any indication that Cobain was suicidal.

Personality analysis of kurt cobain

Prone to alcoholism and solvent abuse. Future predictions are too vague. They destroy your memory and your self-respect nd everything that goes along with your self-esteem. Taking medicine is negatively reinforcing because it removes the unpleasant cold symptoms.

He wanted that security. Later returned to their custody on certain conditions. He used personal turmoil as fuel for great music. Escaped from detox program. Anal Stage years The libido now becomes focused on the anus and the child derives great pleasure from defecating. American musician, painter, and best known as lead singer, guitarist and lyricist of band Nirvana. Nobody could see any indication that Cobain was suicidal. Openness to Change — Moderate — Was free thinking and experimental only in his music but not in general.

As a kid Kurt grew up in a small logging town with his mother Wendy Cobain, and father Donald Cobain. When he takes drugs he gets relieved from all his worries and from his depression. He has a utopian personality, and will spend her life trying to realize some aspect of her utopian dream, sacrificing money, time, and energy for a better world.

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