Online reputation management case studies

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Corporate reputation management case study

Our Solution InternetReputation. These unfavorable assets became very problematic and led to quantifiable revenue losses, vender dissolution, competitive disadvantages, and acted as a deterrent to anyone who researched the business online. Strategy Create opportunities for the client to tell his side of the story on equally reputable websites and media outlets. Several acquisitions fell through due to those searches, and the client found that his reputation within the business community was greatly diminished. By making reputation management a part of your brand strategy, you have the opportunity to protect, preserve, and maintain brand integrity - no matter who threatens your reputation online. We implemented an online reputation management plan for his real estate business that focused on explaining to customers, employees, and partners the real reasons behind project delays. In the end, our online reputation management strategy implemented by our reputation experts proved to be the best way to clean up his name online and repair his damaged reputation. The Outcome InternetReputation. She told us that she believes a competing plastic surgeon might be behind it. We were able to dominate the top 3 pages of search results with relevant and well thought off content in about 50 days. We then took the usual route of implementing an SEO and content marketing strategy to force the remaining negative reviews and search results out of the first and second pages of Google search results pages. Results InternetReputation. The Client A financial firm was scrutinized after an unhappy client posted several blogs insinuating that the firm was treating clients unethically.

These summaries best reflect what happened during the respective campaigns. The Client A gastroenterologist who has been in business sinceknew the importance of collecting and responding to reviews in order to grow his practice and attract new patients.

After outlining our specific online reputation strategy, they engaged us to help repair his online reputation. While it usually takes us 90 days or less to fix a company's online reputation, this Calgary-based HVAC company was a tougher job to take on.

The doctor told us that the information submitted online by the alleged unhappy patient does not ring the bill. We then created positive online content and positioned him as a thought leader with great online medical advice.

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It took us over 5 months to finally clean up their online reputation and restore their image. Despite being far outweighed by positive reviews, the negative reviews plagued the business and were often referenced by potential customers during the sales process.

Six months after launch, he still had no process for collecting online reviews and attracting new clients.

Online reputation management case studies

We were able in about 4 months to dominate the search results with positive content about him and make the other content about the criminal disappear from the top 3 search results pages when searching for his name. A clear case of mistaken identity was at play and it cost him and his real estate business dearly. After Googling himself, the client found records of a legal case that had been filed against him. Despite being far outweighed by positive reviews, the negative reviews plagued the business and were often referenced by potential customers during the sales process. In about 80 days, we repaired the real estate company's reputation and things went back to normal. We worked with the client to leverage his existing network and created content and web pages designed to rank well in search in order to accurately showcase his work. Despite knowing the important role online reviews play in building a business, the doctor had no time to gather patient feedback on top of his many other responsibilities. Ultimately, this created unfavorable links which were displayed on the first page of Google when searching the company's name. This negative asset was appearing as the first result on Google, meaning anyone who searched for his name would see this unwanted, damaging information. The first part was focused on getting the doctor to understand the need for being more compassionate with his patients, and we suggested some online courses which he gladly participated in. And, the clients gained the tools to avoid the situations in the future.

We put together an online reputation management strategy with content marketing and SEO at its core. A simple search on Google for their company's name turned up search results pages cluttered with offending and damaging content.

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