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Rubber band mousetrap car

To keep our driver safe, we need to have a crumple zone to increase stopping time and lower the force from the impact. Also, the conservation of momentum is applied here as well with the joust. CO2 cartridge, battery, elastic strings, rubber bands, etc. However, we were unable to get different sized wheels and wound up using KNEX wheels of the same size. This would include two sets of wood instead of one supporting the mousetrap it is the main engine frame, the rest of the car is just the wheels. Use hot glue to secure the braided fishing line to the chopstick. No excuses can be accepted for obvious reasons. Tie one end to the middle of the chopstick to ensure that the chopstick. Attach the final sketches of the car brought to class modified or not with TOP, SIDE and FRONT views with dimensions measurements in cm and descriptions of what parts are made of use recycled materials as much as possible.

Friction greatly effected our car. We tested this out by seeing how far, not how long, the car would go. Our original designs were based off of what we had seen in the video and what we were seeing done around the class.

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In a mousetrap car, we had to figure out how to make our CD wheels stable. The more tension in the string, the faster the car will move.

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Tape the other end of your fishing line to the middle of the rear axle that is exposed in the specially cut out square that you made in step 2. We needed just enough friction to get the wheels to turn, something we achieved by attached rubber bands.

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The drive wheel diameter must be as large as possible while allowing the spring to release all its energy.

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Mousetrap Car Lab Report