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Therefore, other mechanisms had to be found for dealing with the dilemma of maintaining managerial control, while keeping cost and time at a reasonable level, thus making the span of control a critical figure for the organization. I mention those examples, because the military has been studying organization for a few thousand years and because manpower is everything is very motivated to have the maximal number of troops doing the work they need to do, and not have a lot of bloat.

In other words, being a good employee is a critical component to having a good manager.

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This does not follow logically from the role of management and is much more testosterone speaking. First and foremost the lead knows the code for the project. There is no correlation between being a startup and requiring a flat organization.

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Mackenzie and others Massie , Pugh et al. This is especially important if you are new to the code, team, or Microsoft. There is no correlation between being a startup and requiring a flat organization. What made us pick these numbers: developers reporting to a lead, and leads reporting to a dev manager, and the three discipline managers reporting to a GM? During their career they have proven a consistent ability to write good code, meet the schedule, and their code withstood the rigors of testing. Hiring the team. That is not a blanket excuse for anyone who does not pull their weight on the project, but just a caution that if all the organization did was write code there is a very high likelihood that the code would not be a great product or business--just like if all the SEAL unit just arrived and starting demo'ing what it thought looked like a good idea to demo. Ouchi, W.

As a company that develops intellectual property, most of our knowledge is actually held in the brains of our employees so this type of knowledge transfer is super important. The first thing to note about management is that it is not a science. For example a Call Center, the span of control can be numbers overwhile executive functions — with high degrees of collaboration and interaction — could productively tolerate no more than three or four.

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To illustrate this just consider this simple picture: The balanced manager above is a lead with 8 employees.

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