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The cylindrical tower was constructed on a rocky ledge that jutted into the Caspian Sea, though the seashore has been extended and Maiden Tower is now located m far from the water.

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Closely analysing the legend it is possible to surmise that the possibility of the marriage between the father and the daughter is believed to date the legend back from the pre-Islamic period.

Bak or bakh means to look or observe. The light penetrated inside through the narrow window openings of a loop-hole type, widening inwards.

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For this well to have been hidden and not depicted in diagrams suggests that the lower entrance to it was considered an anomaly, perhaps unimportant or, at least, not fully studied by archaeologists. The site would have been an ideal ceremonial platform - one that was used down through the ages. Idris Aliyev of the Institute of Archaeology and Dr. Another clue is the slight crook or bend, which is often found in the left-side channel of twin-channeled holes. The construction date of the Maiden Tower has not been fixed yet. But if we speak about the Caspian oil and people, whom it attracts, we deal only with businessmen and companies. It is made of ceramic pipes fitted one above another and joined by lime mortar. Fire Temples , such as Ateshgah near Baku, are testaments to their former worshipping practices. In addition, while the photographs shown here include a compass, which points to the earth's Magnetic North 2 and not True North 3 these points, too, fluctuate over time.

Hope you enjoy! Ceramic pipes, cm high, with a diameter of cm and walls 2.

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One involves the tragic story of a maiden casting herself down off the pinnacle to her death to avoid an incestuous relationship with the city's ruler, often identified as her father. The internal space available in the tower is said to be adequate to accommodate people. In doing this, we hope this article will serve as a catalyst for further study and debate. Atar in Avestan. I know you are curious as to how it works. Reference: Nefertiti. Photo 19 is from the Hajigabul area and illustrates a straight channel, which points to the east - the direction of the equinoxes. Research has shown that Sabayil Tower dates back to the 13th to 14th centuries. Hope you enjoy!

Again, these might be used to identify the Tower's age. Indeed, the stone cutting techniques would suggest that the entire upper Tower was built at one single occasion and not in two phases as described in the translated description posted inside the Tower's entrance.

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The cut marks on the stone are executed quite haphazardly, especially in comparison to the work seen on the outside of the tower. If, indeed, it was designed as a "sun temple", there are historical indications that it may have been destroyed in the 7th century as discussed below. But its real age, purpose and importance will have to remain a mystery for now. Today, Maiden Tower holds a museum, with exhibits that show daily life in the 18th and 19th century, plus how Baku and its architecture have grown and developed. If so, then it may push the construction of the earlier foundation upon which Maiden Tower is built back to around three or four thousand years old. In each example, a line may be drawn through the two inner Cup Marks to connect to the outer cups. It is made of ceramic pipes fitted one above another and joined by lime mortar. One of them is on the coast of the sea and the other on a high point. Note the shape of the tea glass—it is pear shaped, hence its Azerbaijani name, armudu istekan, or pear-shaped glass. The earliest stonework has square corners. Indeed, there are indications that the Tower was constructed to carry out solar observation. Both are likely to have been sources of dramatic fire-related events, thus making the World Heritage Site potentially more significant than the Gobustan famous carvings alone would suggest. Maiden Tower, also called Giza Galasy in Azerbaijani, has always been the centre of mystery and legends. You can also see the Caspian Sea in the picture.

According to the gist of various legends, Kings imprisoned young virgin women, or maidens, inside for forced marriage.

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