Key ecological pyramids worksheet 2013

Who does the Maned Geese depend on for survival?

energy flow pyramid worksheet

Energy is lost due to heat, inedible parts, and the simple fact that not all prey are eaten by predators. Biomass measured in grams also diminishes along food chains due to loss of carbon dioxide and water from respiration and loss from the food chain of uneaten or undigested parts of organisms Biomass of higher trophic levels is usually smaller than of lower levels image from BBC Bitesize Skill 4.

Energy in uneaten material passes to saprotrophs or detritivores rather than passing to organisms in the next trophic level Not all parts of food ingested by the organisms in a trophic level are digested and absorbed. Draw a flow chart to illustrate the energy conversions performed by living organisms.

Key Terms. Draw a food chain, labeling the producer, primary consumer, secondary consumer and tertiary consumer. Each trophic level requires more energy to sustain it, increasing competition for resources and causing number of organisms to drop.

Loss of energy between trophic levels: Most of energy in food is digested and absorbed by a trophic level is released by them in respiration for use in cell activities — lost as heat Organisms in a trophic level are not usually entirely consumed by organisms in the next trophic level.

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Food Webs and Ecological Pyramids pg. 42 Key Concepts: