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Brutus was a very honourable character throughout the whole play and was the only character who stuck by his values.

This is what one could say about Brutus if matters were as clear as that. Since Brutus valued this virtue of honor, he chose his country over his friendship and this reveals him to be patriotic and noble.

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The Romans wanted Brutus to die and so he makes a promise to himself that during the war between Antony and him, he would kill himself because he believes that that was what the citizens of Rome desired. Brutus maintains integrity at all times and it is because of this quality that he is respected by all of Rome. We realized that many students had not improved or made any changes from their hand-written drafts to their typed drafts. From the introduction even to the end of the play, Mark Antony was always loyal towards Caesar even after his death. Marcus Brutus was a senator who was well respected by everyone in Rome. The focus is put on the discrepancy between the characters of Cassius and Brutus and their reasons for starting and joining the conspiracy respectively. I also made sure to give out new, clearer worksheets and to allow students a chance to fix the common mistakes that I had noticed. In Julius Caesar, Marcus Brutus, a venerable politician, becomes a victim of the perpetual conflict between power-hungry politicians and ignorant commoners. This speech mentioned honour numerous times but there was no sincerity about it being displayed. Cassius, on the other hand, appears to be without any real values, which becomes apparent in his soliloquy reflecting on his manipulation of Brutus JC 1. On one hand, it is said that Julius Caesar would likely become a tyrant if he was crowned king.

Brutus tried to make the people believe he killed Caesar for a noble cause. Marcus Brutus views honor as being patriotic to the country and to forget your needs and feelings for world peace and others.

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Marcus Brutus views honor as being patriotic to the country and to forget your needs and feelings for world peace and others. Taking a look at their dialogue in 1. I also learned to make sure to make my instructions for writing assignments clear and to make sure that handouts reflect this as well. The focus is to be on Brutus and his view of the events, evaluating his actions and the reasoning they are based on. References Shakespeare, William, and Alan Durband. Support your answer with textual evidence and critical point of view. Antony tried to persuade the people that the conspirators committed an act of brutality toward Caesar and were traitors. Cassius rambles on to Brutus of how much stronger and greater he is than Caesar, which also demonstrates that he is envious over Caesar. Students were given information on what they needed to improve based on the score they had received. Consequences 5. He received a letter from the citizens of Rome asking Brutus to speak, strike, and rebel against Caesar ecoming king and immediately he remains loyal to the country and accepts their petition. How often theme appears:. Also Decius convinced and lied to Caesar about coming to the senate and played on Caesars weaknesses which was dishonourable. Even at the end, when Brutus committed suicide, it was about honour. Although this is the case, having examined the characters and their actions honourable actions are not shown in most situations.

For him the way things appear to be weighs down what they are in reality. He is also the tragic hero in this classic work of literature.

Over Spring Break, my cooperating teacher and I split the grading and began looking at the essays.

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