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He gave his characters tragic flaws and imperfections, even the protagonists, something many playwrights did not do. I could be at the gym lifting all day.

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However, Erin C. It is probably because Shakespearian language demonstrates the roots of the words we speak. Romeo and Juliet is implying that suicide is the answer to termoyl and sadness.

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In conclusion, the work of Shakespeare should still be taught in schools. Will he be voted off as irrelevant? So hopefully the previous words have convinced you that William Shakespeare and his plays are still relevant and important in modern society and to modern day students. His likeness and his works have been used to sell soap, chocolate, cigarettes, computers, beer, soda and almost anything else you can think of 5. This is an essay that I wrote explaining why I think Shakespeare is relevant today. But also, one could plausibly argue Shakespeare has been manufactured into what he is today through popular culture. His works are universal and enduring, as are his characters. This is not a valid point, because we still experience the same things that they did years ago, and still act in some of the same ways as well. Just because something may be boring, it does not mean it is not relevant. Secondly, I found a quote from the article arguing that Shakespeare should still be taught in schools to be interesting. There has recently been some debate about whether Shakespeare is still relevant, and I think that it is.

Shakespeare's writing is also a completely different writing. Right Here Find out more words Shakespeare invented Many phrases we use today were also invented by Shakespeare, not just words. We need to focus on World Changers.

relevance of shakespeare in 21st century essay
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Is Shakespeare Still Relevant?