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Please make sure to turn off your pop-up blocking software before filing the report. For any other situation that requires the response of a police officer, call But remember: if you have been injured or sustained a loss or damage due to the crime, and you want to claim for this as part of the criminal proceedings e.

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Bring documents Your version of the facts might be enough, but you can also bring documents to support what you tell them, such as medical reports or pictures. Example: Someone intentionally damaged your property. The police decide whether your complaint will be investigated. We have found that using the media to appeal for information can be very effective. You can contact the police officer in charge of the case to discuss your concerns. It is essential that the authorities are aware that the offence has been committed. Examples: Rock thrown through a house window, smashed exterior light on house Definition: Someone has vandalized or defaced your vehicle. Meeting the police The police will begin by filling out a police report with basic information, such as the date and place of the crime, the names of the people involved and a short summary of what happened. We will be adding additional crime categories in the future. Bring someone with you A friend, family member or a case worker can go with you to meet the police. What can you do?

Reporting a crime — useful information: Anyone who is aware that a crime has been committed can report it. After reading the above, Click here to continue. The judge listens to the evidence, arranges for any additional evidence to be taken and issues a verdict at the end of the trial.

Search their home or the place the person was last seen, in case the person is hiding or may have fallen and been injured. We will always tell you if this is the case. Method of prosecution Offence prosecuted ex-officio Offences prosecuted ex-officio are normally serious crimes, such as homicide, robbery, arson, or indecent assault.

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It can be used if charges are filed against the suspect. Please call You are reporting a theft or loss of prescription medication. If you were the victim of the crime, the police will also ask for your version of the facts your statement. Withdrawing your complaint Even if you want to withdraw your complaint, the police can decide to continue the investigation. Once your online report has been approved by Police Personnel, and you have provided an email address, you will receive a permanent case number and a. This web site should never be used to report an emergency, a crime in progress, or any type of injury. You don't have to have a lawyer. Ex-officio means the authorities will pursue the case irrespective of the wishes of the victim. What can they do? For any other situation that requires the response of a police officer, call To start your online report, select the appropriate incident type from below. Police realise that this is a very traumatic time for you and that you need support and feedback from them, but this is also a time where you can help them by making many enquiries yourself. What can you do? Suspect information exists such as a license plate number, surveillance photos, or a physical description of the suspect. An emergency exists.

The police can ask you to write down your statement. If any injuries occurred.

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Reporting a crime is also called filling a complaint. Offence prosecuted on complaint Offences prosecuted on complaint are normally less serious crimes, such as vandalism, petty theft or common assault.

You must file the complaint within three months of the incident.

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