How partnerships with carers are developed sustained

use different strategies to encourage partnership working with parents

We keep records of our work with children with SEND which you can look at and contribute to. Family Links delivers innovative, high quality training in the Nurturing Programme to health and social care services, third sector organisations, schools and universities.

In this instance, the worker's role is to assist the partnership between the parent and the carer to grow. Bush urged 5 U. This should give practitioners all the information they need about a child Two-year check — A great chance for multi agency working between practitioner, parent and health visitors.

What can I reasonably expect from the school? It will also be possible to meet members of the specialist services who are working with your child; the SENDCO will organise this meeting.

sharing information with parents

Social workers — We work alongside social workers who are there to deal with more serious cases that may come up within families who attend the centre. In the CCICC study, several carers noted that accreditation and licensing requirements created a barrier to integrating certain caregiving practices into the child care curriculum, and regulations have been known to work counter to the aim of parent-carer partnerships in other studies as well De Gioia,

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How do we work in partnership with parents and carers?