Help for single parents in new jersey

Check out the NJ Smart Start webpage.

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The program will help pay for any new air conditioning, or heating units more to make the home more energy efficient. Services include: Preventive health care, Physician services, Emergency medical care, Prescription drugs, Inpatient hospital services, Outpatient hospital services, Preventive health care, Laboratory services, Eyeglasses, Dental services in most cases, Emergency transportation, Mental health services.

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To take a look at the income guidelines and to learn more about the program please click here. Hard-working families who cannot afford to pay the high cost of private health insurance This program will provide cash relief to assist with bills and expenses as well as assisting parents with job training and preparation.

Neither the medical or dental clinic charge a fee for services. Child support services are coordinated by the Department to help custodial parents receive child support payments that, for one reason or another, they are not obtaining from the children's non-custodial parent.

Scholarships for single moms in new jersey

To be eligible for this program you must be a resident of NJ and meet the income requirements. This program is only available to low income families. The elderly, disabled persons, and children under age 18 are exempt from this limit. Just like the Public Housing Program,, you must apply through your local Housing Agency to get started. New Jersey Law Help Network This organization features several different areas of legal advice and services you might need. General Assistance Program New Jersey is one of the few states that offers general cash assistance even if you do not have any children. Another way to get safe housing is to resort to public housing. For most families, NJ FamilyCare will be free. There are numerous agencies and organizations, public and private that are dedicated to helping Americans receive the food they need. This includes helping families who are transitioning from welfare to work. To apply and to learn more check out the NJ Medicaid Webpage. When you are struggling to get back on track, and financial problems compound the issues, cash benefits will be of huge help.

To contact the National Foundation for Credit Counseling call You are allowed to interview and choose your own child care providers, and this program will pay a portion of the child care costs. In order to contact the Legal Services of New Jersey for help with legal issues, please call Check out the NJ School Nutrition page for more info.

Family Leave Insurance The Family Leave Insurance program forms part of the NJ Temporary Disability Benefits Law, and it has been designed to help new mothers by providing them with cash assistance when a new baby is born.

housing assistance for single mothers with low income
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Assistance for Single Moms in New Jersey