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This will include when you will hold meetings with your project team or provide communications to your stakeholders. Every project has a specific set of properties. In cases where this is part of a wider cross-departmental project, ensure that the overall project manager is aware of these timings and in agreement. Feb 21, at UTC When you're asked to pick and then provide regular updates on projects, a good way to start is to identify a problem area. Knowledge is the key to success. SLA can be set, so you can make sure, that the tickets are answered correctly. That could end up being a project in and of itself! Assigning a ticket to a "Queue": A queue refers to a specific group of people. Configuring Ticket Workflows and Default Queues Once a ticket has been created, the helpdesk checks information associated with the ticket type in order to determine: The workflow to start for this ticket and The default queue for the ticket. After all, one of the key aims of a helpdesk in its day to day operations has to be ensuring customer satisfaction by consistently providing the service that is expected. Will additional staff be required and how will this impact the time needed to roll out support? The portal lets customers login to view, submit and discuss their tickets.

Telephony: does this new support require any menu changes? The project could be, for example, rolling out a new company-wide business application, migrating end-users to a different mail client or rolling out an updated version of an existing application or technology already in use.

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That could end up being a project in and of itself! Time tracking. How to set up a helpdesk project This how-to is based on a video tutorial which you can find Here In order to keep you tickets in order, is good to have different projects set up.

Here are some suggestions of what you may need to know: Who are the stakeholders? What will be in scope and out of support scope?

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The following Objects can be associated to Tickets: Release Projects. OneDesk is an application that combines HelpDesk with Project Management, allowing you to serve your customers and work on your projects, all in one place.

As you begin your project planning, it is essential that all requirements for support are fully understood.

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