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Because of their history of migration and perseverance in the face of adversity and hostility, the Miao had a "pioneer spirit" zhimin jingshen of mutual aid and assistance.

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This has often led to irrational duplication and regional protectionism. The idea of modernization based on preserving minzu tradition, an idea now enthusiastically embraced by local leaders throughout Guizhou, may in fact be resulting in a new form of internal colonialism. In specific post-Mao terms, wenhua fazhan implies the attainment of literacy in standard Chinese , an education in science and technology, understanding of modern commerce, expertise in enterprise management, and even an entrepreneurial spirit. On the other hand, pursuing economic and cultural development in order to combat rural poverty, eradicate subsistence and "small-farmer" mentalities, and otherwise transform the nature of rural production systems, has meant that "minzu traditions" are only preserved if they can accommodate commercial production and exchange. One of the Taijiang factories was set up by a Jiangsu company to produce tie-dyed silk cloth to be exported to Japan. In there were at least three of these operating in Taijiang, as well as in at least six other county towns throughout Qiandongnan. In Taijiang county, for example, the local nationalities commission minwei became involved in attracting a number of coastal trading companies to set up labor-intensive, export-oriented textile factories. The former aspects of Miao culture which articulated positively with modernization should be supported and promoted. This set off a small real estate boom, and by May of , 25 real estate development companies had been established, half of them with external funds. With the extra boost of NTA funds, millions of yuan were spent beautifying Guiyang and the nearby scenic sites for the week-long festival. They now face the loss of the majority of these revenues to the center. By , he said, Shidong had preserved a rich tradition in isolation while Taijiang had developed and become "Hanified. The consequences of this at the local level will be revisited in the final section of the chapter. This was precisely the spirit, Shi exclaimed, needed to build socialist modernization.

Chen Shaobo, director of the Guizhou Provincial Development and Reform Commission, said the province is looking to sustain the high-quality development model by using technology such as big data, poverty alleviation measures, optimizing the economic structure and embracing green industries.

The festivals provided a brief tangible model of "cultural development" and commercial integration combined with celebrations of tradition and symbolic cultural diversity.

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Fewer and fewer people knew the old myths and legends, new buildings used less traditional architecture, and traditional minzu medicine was rarely practiced anymore. Yet, beyond the promotions of elites, the process of commercializing and standardizing ethnic crafts production is a project full of paradox and contradiction for local ethnic producers.

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After an 8 year tenure, however, his replacement in by an outsider from Beijing was an indication from the center that the province needed some stirring up.

With higher value items, such as clothing, however, the proportion would be much less. With inadequate capital and a very limited market, many of these shut down after only a few months of operation, get combined with other operations, or are acquired by larger state units which can afford to subsidize them, such as timber companies or the army.

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