Growing intolerence among teenagers

On the other hand, people with tolerance can live in the society with equality even after being different in cast, religion, opinion, and practice.

essay on growing intolerance among youth

Christians, in comparison, have gone out of their way to melt into the crowd by assuming Muslim names. All the intolerance essay provided here are written in very easy and simple sentences.

growing intolerance in indian society

On the other hand, tolerance is the quality which appreciates equality in the society even after the existence of diversity. According to one estimate, 60 per cent of Christians have Muslim names. Hindus living in Islamabad claim their neighbours call them Indians because of their faith.

intolerance among youth essay

They should be taught to accept differences in the society. This has changed the social fabric of a province known for its religious tolerance.

Social intolerance

Targeted hate campaign Ahmedis are subject to a targeted hate campaign with lawyers calling for boycotting their products, wall writings inciting hatred towards them — sometimes reportedly even inside government buildings — and dome-like structures on their places of worship the law of the land does not permit these structures to be called mosques pulled down on court orders. Among the Shias, the Hazara Shias are particularly vulnerable as their distinctive Mongloid features are a dead giveaway. So, students can select any of the essays given below according to their need and requirement: Long and Short Essay on Intolerance in India in English Intolerance Essay 1 words Intolerance is the unwillingness of accepting beliefs, behavior or practices of someone different person related to other cast, religion or custom. Intolerance can be religious, racial or other types however all badly affect the nation growth and development. It causes exclusion of those who are different and intolerable such as existence of non-Muslims in the Muslim state or its opposite. Students should be provided tolerant environment in the school so that they can respect and understand different cultures. Intimate inter-group contact enhances personal experiences to each other and reduces intolerance. Intolerance makes people angry and violent to each other people of various cast and religion very easily to something they cannot tolerate in anyway. People living in the intolerant society groups can do aggressive attack in order to express their denial to the opinions, practices, and behavior of other people related to different group. Education is the best way to promote tolerance and peaceful coexistence in the society. He insists 50 per cent of Hindus living in Upper Sindh have moved out, the majority to Karachi. Intolerant people become unable to take right decision to someone just because of intolerance to hear the views of someone different. It is an international problem because of the religious, cultural, traditional, customs, or way of thinking differences of people. Tolerance is a power which makes people able to do justice by hearing and accessing the different views of others. In Jacobabad — home to about a lakh-and-a-half Hindus — there was apparently a tearful send-off expecting no return.

Whereas, tolerance appreciates unity in diversity India is a best suited example and develops understanding to live equally. Students can better develop the inter-cultural understanding in the tolerant environment. Habit of tolerance is the individual culture of every citizen in India.

Growing intolerance among indian youth essay

Many have been fleeing the country, seeking asylum in far-off lands. It destroys the growing power of any country by setting people against people of different groups. Democratic countries have tolerance as an indispensable quality. Intolerance Essay 5 words Introduction The situation of intolerance may occur because of economically depressed and politically charged situation among the people of different groups. However, intolerance leads a person, people or society to the worst disaster. Among the Shias, the Hazara Shias are particularly vulnerable as their distinctive Mongloid features are a dead giveaway. More such cases came to light and three of them were together taken up by the Supreme Court. It creates the condition of disrespect, enmity and war in the society between people of different cast, religion, opinions and practices. Dialogue mechanisms can also be effective for enhancing communication on both sides.
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A growing intolerance