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Organisations and families with particularly controlling leaders, by contrast, tend to be fairly dysfunctional. This activity requires participants to create a unified story from a set of randomly provided sequential pictures. Allow the volunteers to have some time to think about their role. If anyone touches a mine, they must return to the starting line and begin again. This is an ideal activity for creative problem solving and improving collaboration skills. Click To Tweet Leadership workshop activity 1: Leadership quotes Post a variety of leadership quotes around the room. Generally people like to tell and hear stories. Activity Description: Ask the participants to mark twelve different days on their calendar spread out over four or six months. Activity Description: Each leader has his or her own style of leadership.

These leadership skills do not necessarily come naturally to everyone, dedication and commitment to personal and professional growth is essential. One of the most powerful and enjoyable ways to achieve this outcome is to play group games and activities. A good story swap frequently revives energy.

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Split up participants into an even number of groups, then tell them that they must build the tallest freestanding structure from the provided items within the time allotted. Ask participants to share a story about the best or most influential leader that they have encountered. Some of the more common workplace objectives are improving communications, coaching, planning and decision making skills, building trust, decreasing resistance and improving active listening and problem solving skills. Essentially this activity involves participants divided into groups and discussing leaders they know or know of and why they admire them. How do you maintain your team's focus on specific goals? The other person is allowed to see and talk, but is not allowed to touch the other person or enter the minefield. Gather the full group in a circle and place two chairs in the middle. Benefits of Developing Leadership Skills In recent years, research has shown that the strongest and most successful organisations and groups tend to permit and actively encourage each member of the group or organisation to take the lead at appropriate times. Gather the full group in a circle and place two chairs in the center, then ask each leader to confront the team member in turn. Leaders You Admire.

Go around the room and have each person explain why. Let these five leadership workshop activity ideas inspire you to strike the balance between strategy and play.

The facilitator may want to make a master list of these to pass out later.

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Encourage the participants to include details in their leadership examples. From the third column it is easy to move into a discussion about "ideal" leader distribution of energy. Generally people like to tell and hear stories.

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This is a good method for accountability and feedback.

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10 Leadership Games & Training Activities