Evaluation study on district poverty initiatives

At this level, Pakistan should pay more attention to the quality of poverty instead of quantity.

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One calculation puts the number of child deaths averted at 7. The ceiling for subsidy is Rs. Provision of social security not only reduces the dependability of old people on their children but also helps to reduce poverty by providing enough funds to old people to look after themselves.

The successful implementation of tenancy laws has been confined to West Bengal, Karnataka and Kerala. The more popular crafts under this scheme are blacksmithy, carpentry, stone craft, leather work, pottery and cane and bamboo work.

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Facilitating making the right investments: Better data Data gaps add substantially to uncertainty about who is being left behind. The Committee was asked to review among other factors, the process of selection of appropriate income generating assets, credit structure, recovery of loans, and procedural matters in respect of obtaining loans, and efficacy of existing administrative structures of the District Rural Development Agencies DRDAs. Thus, government must construct a social security policy for workers in rural areas that provides safety at their retirement age, like governments employees. The Alkire Foster Method can complement other measures, such as income poverty. The applicants, who register themselves for employment under the EAS, are issued family cards in which the number of days of employment are entered as and when such employment is given to them. In fact, when considering trends in progress in human development indicators and political and economic insecurity alongside poverty projections, a select group of 30 countries — mostly in sub-Saharan Africa — emerge as being most at risk of being left behind. This will affect different donors in different ways — Japan, a significant provider of loans, will see its reported ODA rise as a result of these changes due to both the highly concessional nature of the loans they provide and the high volume of repayments that will no longer be discounted.

It covers formal sector establishments, employing ten or more workers. The financial institutions would play a more significant and dynamic role by enhancing the credit flows through a continuous line of credit, instead of a one-time loan and would render constructive assistance to the beneficiaries.

The Eighth Plan had emphasised the importance of a proper assessment of the training needs of the rural youth in relation to self and wage-employment opportunities, quality of training and group training. Faster progress will be needed to ensure that no one is left behind.

First, social policy identifies that social and political structure in which people live.

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Where wells are not feasible due to geological factors, other minor irrigation works can be undertaken such as irrigation tanks, water harvesting structures as also development of land belonging to small and marginal farmers. This modification in programme strategy was made to achieve the target of providing days of employment per person in backward districts where there was a concentration of unemployed and underemployed persons. It means looking beyond averages to see who is left behind, globally and in every country — because the factors that cause and perpetuate poverty and inequality are universal and reduce growth, well-being, choice and opportunity in every country. The main findings of the evaluation study are as under : Of the total sample districts, area skill surveys were not carried out in 92 per cent of the districts to assess the potential skill requirements. The assistance may be sanctioned and disbursed in public meetings preferably of Gram Sabha by either Gram Panchayat functionaries or Block functionaries or appropriate level. While Somalia has not had a full-scale poverty survey, there is a large programme to conduct High Frequency Surveys which provide less coverage and depth than standard surveys to better fill in data gaps. Civil society has considerably progressed in past few decades. While the ingredients of the land reform policy would continue to be the same as before, the focus would shift to a few critical areas. For example, in order to be registered, NGOs in Pakistan can opt between five different legal frameworks.

There are different types of NGOs, which are associated with different types of social services. A proper implementation of land laws and policies would lead to a restructuring of the agrarian economy in a way conducive to higher rates of agricultural growth but with greater equity in the distribution of gains from it.

Over the years, the share of the primary sector has come down considerably and is currently around 55 per cent, while the shares of the secondary and tertiary sectors have increased proportionately to 15 per cent and 30 per cent respectively.

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In addition to these strategies, further research is required on the features of poverty.

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A bombshell Evaluation of Community Driven Development