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As we did not have our own rocket-launcher, we were helped by the Russians. In one of the most complicated missions in the history of Indian space exploration, India, with the help of six other nations, launched satellites into space.

During this period, India carried on experimental satellite programmes, namely Aryabhata, Bhaskara, Rohini and Apple. In fact, it offers this service to many other countries.

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ISRO provides training in space applications to personnel of developing countries. India is fast progressing in the field of space research. The satellites have given a boost to the space programmes for peaceful productive purposes making India an important member of the club of progressive countries. Since then research and efforts in. The imagery taken by the satellite is also used for finding mineral prospects and forecasting of potential fishing zones. Having recognized the benefits that satellites could bring to India from the very start, Sarabhai and the ISRO set about designing and creating an independent launch vehicle, capable of launching into orbit, and providing the valuable experience needed for the construction of larger launch vehicles in future. It was the Earth observation satellite. In , the first satellite Aryabhatta was launched through the Soviet rocket Inter cosmos; and by , Bhaskara-1 the first Indian earth observation satellite was launched. Unfortunately, it burnt in space and failed to complete its mission. Over a two-year period, it is intended to survey the lunar surface to produce a complete map of its chemical characteristics and 3-dimensional topography. It also provides IRS data processing equipment. The data sent by these satellites will be useful in estimating yield of crops, estimation of ground water and forest wealth. The scientists studied various aspects of moon and prepared a map of the moon.

As we have our own satellites we have not to depend upon other countries for space oriented telecommunications. But this mission failed on September 6, The success of this mission brought recognition to the space programme of India.

It has launched scientific payloads of other space agencies. On 20 November 1. It was launched from Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh on July 9, The spacecraft carries equipment to aid meteorology and search and rescue operations primarily over the Indian sub-continent.

Then onward India made successive progress in the field of space research.

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Achievements of India in Space Research Essay