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Facilitators and "stack-keepers" urge speakers to "step forward, or step back" based on which group they belong to, meaning that women and minorities often moved to the front of the line, while white men often had to wait for a turn to speak.

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White, who is twenty-nine years old, was born to a Caucasian mother and an African-American father. Sign on a dumpster at OWS. November 5, Battles, who is working on a forthcoming book on the history of the written word, discusses the OWS-Chartism connection in a short video:. Oakland police officer takes photos after they dismantle and begin to throw away Occupy Oakland encampment. Police responded with pepper spray and penned the protesters in with orange netting. Nov 6, The least reasonable people often got the most time to speak. A few minutes later, everyone began speaking at once. In the future I hope to do a post about how, exactly, laundry happens by consensus. Bloomberg had ruled that the Occupation was unsanitary and so the city would have to clean up after them, while OWS maintained that they were good citizens and took care of their space. Porta potties at Occupy Toronto. Some participants knew this style of meeting from left-wing traditions stretching back to the civil-rights movement and earlier. With Bill Schmalz, an outdoorsman who had worked with him as a cameraman, Lasn founded Adbusters. Some[ who?

Photo by Brian Gilbreath. Sign on a dumpster at OWS.

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This group was initiated by a Canadian activist and it has led to occupy protests and movements around the world. The organizers were quickly able to regroup and agree that they should return to the park, despite the newly enforced ban on tents.

In these densely populated impromptu urban settlements, perfect strangers have to live together.

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At one point, protesters started to push police barricades into the streets. These words made Lasn think of the bloody uprising in Syria.

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Lasn believed that the political climate could have shifted entirely by then. The magazine, which he founded twenty-two years ago, depicts the developed world as a nightmare of environmental collapse and spiritual hollowness, driven to the brink of destruction by its consumer appetites. No true democracy is attainable when the process is determined by economic power. ISBN Some were drawn to the cameras and the spectacle; some came for the free food, shelter, and medical care; and some showed up for the earnest political conversation and because they believed that this might be the beginning of a revolution. Those who refused to go were arrested, and whatever they left behind was carried off by the Department of Sanitation, to a depot on West Fifty-seventh Street. Photo by Marry Solow. Here, sanitation workers clear all of the debris from the park.

OWS potties at 52 Broadway. The Occupy movement was a protest that gathered local organizers, students, and activists in response to the economic disparity of countries around the world.

The police had established a strict media cordon, blocking access from nearby streets. For example, before the eviction of Liberty Plaza, Mayor Bloomberg told Occupiers they would have to leave the park for cleaning. Lasn says that Adbusters has a circulation worldwide of roughly seventy thousand.

Flux is part of the ambience: a feature, not a bug.

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They agreed to join forces, and N. Protesters blocked access to the New York Stock Exchange as well as other intersections in the area. The article will be a free download for the first two months after publication. The current article has only three photos. Earlier that morning, he had sent a vague e-mail informing a co-worker that he might not show up Monday morning. It was almost empty, and there were few police nearby. Just keeping their collections running has been plenty demanding.

This is how Occupy Wall Street began: as one of many half-formed plans circulating through conversations between Lasn and White, who lives in Berkeley and has not seen Lasn in person for more than four years.

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Tactics of Waste, Dirt and Discard in the Occupy Movement: A Photo Essay