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There are two sides to the using of this bomb, the traditional and revisionist.

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Harry Truman was told about the atomic bomb for the time and he had to decide to use it or not. Despite the ghastly effects of such a weapon, it offered the best choice for a quick and easy defeat of Japan.

This was the basis for the atomic bomb.

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A man with a miracle on his side. Truman didn't allow enough time to study the effects of the bomb, and his hasty decision resulted in a horrific number of deaths, as well as long-lasting and unforseen effects both for Japan and for the rest of the world. For only being President for two weeks and he had already had a significant to make.

Robert Oppenheimer, the main scientist in building the bomb, will be remembered as the person who created the most devastating weapon ever used in combat.

Reasons for dropping the atomic bomb

There were major influences and side effects from the dropping of the atomic bomb and what it did to the country of Japan. Traditionalist historians argue from the military perspective that the bomb was used to end the war as quickly as possible and with as minimal causalities as possible. The allied forces, the U. This was known as the Manhattan Project. When the bombs were created, the arguments for and against the use of it were gruesome, lengthy, and all understandable in some way. There are two sides to the using of this bomb, the traditional and revisionist. The Japanese had already been weakened, and the military predicted that they would eventually be forced to surrender in a short amount of time. The world changed the day that the atomic bomb was dropped on Japan. Cockcroft and Ernest Walton. President Truman had a number of options apart from the atomic bomb. Within the four years that followed, the United States--under the presidency of Franklin D. Truman and it changed the world forever.

Some people believe that the war would have ended without using the bombs. He could have left the invasion of Japan to the Russians, whom wanted revenge for the Russo-Japanese War ofas well as the more recent conflict in Manchuria Goldman,

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