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One must read between the lines in order to identify the dialogue between these two men in their poetry. And he shone bright, and on the right went down into the sea" I, Then nature. The ship is therefore sailing south, into storms and ice. This source is of value to me because it we help me grasp a better idea of the poetic relationship that existed between the two.

London: Hogarth Press, This source focuses on the relationship between Coleridge and Wordsworth, both as friends and as collaborators.

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This is my most complete source on Samuel Coleridge, including both his life and works in a biographical format. In order to imply a connection between nature and the human mind, Wordsworth uses the technique of identification and comparison whereas Coleridge does the opposite in 'The Ancient Mariner' and 'Kubla Khan'. The mariner has no control over the circumstances. Annotated Bibliography 1. The ship is therefore sailing south, into storms and ice. On a very deep level, this may be an attempt by Coleridge to use juxtaposed concepts to convey his point. In addition, the dialogue is hard to interpret so this source will make it easier to understand. The book does cover background information about the period in which the men lived, and that is both good and bad.

In the views of Coleridge, it is imagination that is vital to poetry, and imagination is also central to his poetic style. Samuel Taylor Coleridge has a poetic diction unlike that of William Wordsworth, he relies more heavily on imagination for poetic inspiration, and he also incorporates religion into his poetry differently.

Whether their differences stemmed from religion, means of inspiration, or simply poetic diction, it is evident that these two poets were uniquely individual.

My final two sources focus more on Coleridge as an individual, and that is what my paper is basically aiming to cover.

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In addition, he allows nature to influence the mood of his poetry in works such asTintern Abbey. Magnunson, Paul. Moreover, although Samuel Coleridge is often paired with William Wordsworth, upon further examination one can plainly see that the two poets are undoubtedly different. Barfield, Owen. The imagination is broken into two sectors, according to Coleridge, the primary imagination and the secondary imagination. That was the last straw, and had deeply upset Coleridge, who was by this point addicted to liquid opium and very sensitive about the topic. And he shone bright, and on the right went down into the sea" I, Because the ancient mariner killed the albatross, he has to bear the most intense personal suffering, loneliness, horror and fear. London:OxfordUniversity Press, Their first meeting occurred in atBristol during a political debate. In contrast, he is looked inside himself but not inside his soul, while Coleridge asserted that man must look inside himself and it is there he will find inspiration in God. The sun and sea are especially threatening.

This source concentrates on the complexity of the lyrical dialogue between Coleridge and Wordsworth in their poetry. Did people have the same criticism of both poets?

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Then, the seascape becomes strange; there is no more wind, the sun turns red, the water becomes like oil. Regardless of popular opinion, Samuel Taylor Coleridge possessed his own unique poetic diction, sought non-traditional methods of poetic inspiration, conveyed original theories about the imagination, and distinctly incorporated his religious philosophies into his poetry.

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Samuel Taylor Coleridge in Contrast to William Wordsworth