Comparative case study design

comparative case study thesis

Stake, too, defined qualitative case studies as those that are holistic considering the interrelationship of phenomenon and contextempirical, interpretive, and empathic focused on meaning.

Traditional approaches to case study research have had a far-ranging impact on research in numerous fields, including the fields of education and policy studies in which we primarily work.

how to compare case studies

The Interpretation of Cultures. When addressing comparison, Yin urged replication to achieve external validity. If the unit of analysis is a small group, for instance, the persons to be included within the group must be distinguished from those who were outside of it… Similarly if the case is about the local services and a specific geographic area, you need to decide which services to cover….

case study approach in comparative education

Instead of this a priori bounding of the case, the CCS approach features an iterative and contingent tracing of relevant factors, actors, and features see Bartlett; Vavrus Teachers commented frequently on the contradictory pressures created for them by the language, curricular, and assessment policies.

Since the mid s, it has also been partially adopted by the Tanzanian government in its education policies and curricula.

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Comparative Case Studies: Methodological Briefs