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A special feature at this is that the scenes could be interchanged in their order without the spectator losing the impression that what is presented on stage is a complete story. The play depicts the irrationalism of life in a grotesquely comic and non-consequential fashion with the element of "metaphysical alienation and tragic anguish. For example, the man's tying his shoe in The Bald Soprano — a common occurrence — is magnified into a momentous act, while the appearance of rhinoceroses in the middle of a calm afternoon seems to be not at all consequential and evokes only the most trite and insignificant remarks. The techniques are still so new, however, that many people are confused by a production of one of these plays. When the second act starts, the tree is slightly leaved. Waiting for Godot is thus a living paradox: a drama of inaction. The play also depicts the difference in the attitude of the two tramps. In conclusion, if the public can accept these unusual uses of technique to support thematic concerns, then we have plays which dramatically present powerful and vivid views on the absurdity of the human condition — an absurdity which is the result of the destruction of individualism and the failure of communication, of man's being forced to conform to a world of mediocrity where no action is meaningful. By their use of a number of puzzling devices, these playwrights have gradually accustomed audiences to a new kind of relationship between theme and presentation. Such works depict the individual as essentially isolated and alone, even when surrounded by other people and things.

It is a landmark in modern drama. So, a drama having a cock and bull story would be called an absurd play. Instead, basic situations of the individual are presented on stage and carried out with the so-called alienation effect3. On an remote stage representing a country road with a single tree, two men Vladimir and Estragon, dressed in tattered clothes and ancient bowler hatsare trying to keep an appointment.

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In Waiting for Godot, two derelicts are seen conversing in a repetitive, strangely fragmented dialogue that possesses an illusory, haunting effect, while they are waiting for Godot, a vague, never-defined being who will bring them some communication about — what? Ionesco has masterfully joined two themes: the lack of individualism and the failure of communication.

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There are no antagonistic characters, whose conflicts are decided. So many times in the play, a possibility is suggested then immediately undercut by its unhappy opposite.

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And what good is his humanity in a world of rhinoceroses? Brecht writer, required and designed alienation effect of the epic theater that should disillusion and distance the spectator from the action on stage in order to induce him to critical thinking. In viewing the plays that comprise this movement, we must forsake the theater of coherently developed situations, we must forsake characterizations that are rooted in the logic of motivation and reaction, we must sometimes forget settings that bear an intrinsic, realistic, or obvious relationship to the drama as a whole, we must forget the use of language as a tool of logical communication, and we must forget cause-and-effect relationships found in traditional dramas. At the time, there were two distinct opinions about the play; some called it a hoax and others called it a masterpiece. Thus Beckett presents life as an absurdity, full of odds, where nothing predetermined and logical happens. A sense of stagnancy and bareness captivates man, and whenever he tries to assert himself, he is curbed. Other dramatists present their attack on society's destruction of individualism by different means, but the attack still has the same thematic intent. The themes utilized by the dramatists of this movement are not new; thus, the success of the plays must often depend upon the effectiveness of the techniques and the new ways by which the dramatists illustrate their themes. In the second act, the action of the first act is essentially repeated, with a few changes: the tree now has leaves, Pozzo is blind and has Lucky on a shorter leash. There must at least be a symbol of a white audience, someone for the black actors to revile. Ultimately, the absurdity of man's condition is partially a result of his being compelled to exist without his individualism in a society which does not possess any degree of effective communication. The wait continues; the human contacts remain unsolved; the problem of existence remains meaningless, futile and purposeless. It attacks the two main ingredients of the traditional views of Time, i.

This thing produces meaninglessness, thus makes the play absurd. In the raditional play is expected to entertain the audience with logically built,witty dialogue.

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Samuel Beckett and the Theater of the Absurd