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I also attended several therapies that the psychologist conducted such as Group Therapy for de-addiction patients, Stress Management and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and various psychometric tests such as Thematic Apperception Test TAT and Rorschach inkblot test. The hospital had in-patient care as well as outpatient care where I could collect case histories and conduct Mental Status Examinations.

I found psychopathology very interesting as it taught me about the different psychological disorders, their aetiology, diagnosis and the signs and symptoms that make up the diagnosis and treatment of the disorder.

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After finishing my high school, I joined Bachelor of Arts program as I wished to explore which subject I would have a special interest in and the course consisted of several subjects including Geography, Political Science, Psychology, English, Economics and French.

My first clinical internship was at XXX for 3 weeks under Dr. A top-notch psychology personal statement example would reference elements of the course and link them to personal qualities, goals and successes.

Search Psychology Courses When applying for a psychology degree, you need to provide a persuasive psychology personal statement. I had another 5 days internship at XXX Palliative care, where I counselled with patients who were terminally ill by giving psychological snd social support to the patients and their caregivers.

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I became interested in relationships between various biological and environmental factors which can induce disorders. The course leaders are interested in you, not your ability to choose a punchy soundbite by Freud. I got insights into the numerous disorders. Personal statement writing tips.

As an assistant counselling psychologist, I was able to learn the different counselling techniques and how to guide patients through empathy and unconditional positive regard.

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Clinical Psychology Personal Statement (Postgraduate)