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Humor is the very soul of his work. This is however an age that ushered an era of writers who were free to express themselves in their work and as an expression of the social aspects in England. As a child, he himself had suffered much, and his accounts of such life are always redolent of his personal experiences.

The novel also includes some autobiographical elements: David is sent to work in a blacking factory by his harsh stepfather Mr.

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Sometimes his humor is corrective and satiric-but it always has the quality of geniality, charity, and tolerance. He had enviable skill that was appealing to both the sophisticated and the simple as well as the poor and the rich The Norton Anthology of English Literature, Humor with him is not only an occasional mood but a consistent point of view, and even a "philosophy of life.

In this extract, Dickens has again used effective techniques to create an atmosphere where Pip is frightened and vulnerable.

Charles dickens assignment

Artwork by Frank Reynolds. Its American episodes had, however, been unpremeditated he suddenly decided to boost the disappointing sales by some America-baiting and to revenge himself against insults and injuries from the American press. Because of financial difficulties, the family moved about until they settled in Camden Town, a poor neighborhood in London, England. He suffered a stroke on 18 April in Chester. Throughout this analysis the character, Pip will be identified and his gradual change through the story will be surveyed. It is speculated that they had a child who died in infancy. He recollects his school days in Nicholas Nickleby. On 23 April he boarded the Cunard liner Russia to return to Britain, [] barely escaping a federal tax lien against the proceeds of his lecture tour. Before another opportunity arose, he had set out on his career as a writer. This makes the reader feel uneasy about the setting. It was in his blood even after he had become a high-hat with his thumping success in the field of fiction. On the expectation of this legacy, Dickens was released from prison. After a brief honeymoon in Chalk in Kent, the couple returned to lodgings at Furnival's Inn. Even though Charles Dickens was born before Henrik Pontoppidan, they are both capable of writing in a provocative way. Date: Charles Dickens The Victorian era marks one of the most influential times in the British history.

We have above referred to Dickens "world. Thus David Copperfield is, in essentials, Dickens' autobiography.

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The characters created by this novelist are popular because of their idiosyncrasies and quirky names. Throughout this analysis the character, Pip will be identified and his gradual change through the story will be surveyed.

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Charles Dickens