Cell phones should never be used while driving essay

Cell phones during driving also reduce the mental capacity of drivers as they fail to concentrate on minor or major activities happening around them.

Many people on the corollary think that such a federal bill would only decrease their freedom more than the government already has.

the dangers of using a cellphone while driving speech outline

Enforcing such legislation would deter people from mindlessly using their cell phones while driving. One part of society supports the use of cell phones while the other part of society disapproves the use of cell phones.

Cell phones should never be used while driving essay

While operating a motor vehicle, both hands should be on the wheel, allowing the driver full control of the vehicle. Cell phones support in making a direct contact with person effectively and without wastage of any time.

Many drivers spend more time fiddling with headphones and volume also creates distraction, some believe that devices like Bluetooth headsets may be a safe way to go for mobile use while driving as the device requires minimalistic inputs from the user, however as mentioned earlier, talking is an engaging activity for the senses and the hazards are very significant if one gets diverted from the road.

They put not only their life in danger but other drivers and pedestrians.

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NSW road rules were changed on 1 December for P2 drivers. A lot of groups including the wireless communications industry and transportation safety groups have initiated educational campaigns that encourage the discreet use of mobiles while driving. Most of the drivers falling in this category are young drivers. Using a mobile device at a stop light is considered a distraction and leads to a ticket. According to reports, distracted driving is similar to drunk driving because it diverts Accidents. Texting is the most dangerous distraction because it requires visual, manual, and cognitive attention "Facts and Statistics". Cell phones should be banned except in emergency while driving my personal suggestion would be that car manufacturing companies should install a cell phone signal jammer to avoid a serious accident in future. Those two factors, subjective norm i. Not only do teenagers text, their parents do, as well. At any time during the daylight more than , vehicles in the United States are being driven by someone using a handheld cell phone, according to research by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration2. It is commonly believed that majority of cell phone users, especially smartphone users, are addicted to their phone.

While texting, the drivers have to completely divert their attention from road to their cell phone and their hands from the steering wheel to the cell phone.

To prevent anymore fatalities caused by distracted driving in the United States, cell phone usage while behind the wheel should be completely banned.

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Two studies, comprising about long-haul trucks driving 3 million combined miles, used video cameras to observe the drivers and road; researchers observed "4, safety-critical events, which includes crashes, near crashes, crash-relevant conflicts, and unintended lane deviations.

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The Use of Cell Phones While Driving is Dangerous Essay