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Should I push for more or is it hopeless? Danny Cox, a chartered financial planner for Hargreaves Lansdown, says there are often considerable other benefits offered to those being made redundant. If I hand in my notice it means they will put me on gardening leave without a redundancy package.

Negative effects of redundancy

Fewer than 20 redundancies In situations where fewer than 20 redundancies are proposed, a consultation exercise should be carried out with the affected employees — group consultation first, followed by individual meetings with those identified to be made redundant. I found out today I am being offered redundancy. Also can I use gender descrimation over the years - I was bluntly told a colleague, younger and less experienced would be offered manager it never happened in the end , I was told 'its a mans world just accept it' Also a lot of team emails were sent to him and not copied to myself from Japan. Or he can also choose redundancy. However, employers should be wary of targeting older employees for voluntary redundancy as this could amount to age discrimination. Research the company through their website, social media, google on press, other background sites e. This means that collective consultation is now likely to occur on fewer occasions.

SB - Oct AM I was given a date when my redundancy would be paid up but the company has failed to honor it saying the have financial difficulties was I mislead and can anything be done? I have receive a retrenchment letter but i was given redundancy package is that right.

I was head hunted by my current employer. With that in mind, this guide explains everything you need to know about the voluntary redundancy process.

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Instead, it offered options. I was already on the verge of resigning and suing the company for Constructive Dismissal and my HR dept know that I have a strong case.

Good reasons for voluntary redundancy

Be focused Being clear on what you want is key to moving forward. What would your advice be. More than 20 redundancies If an employer proposes to make 20 or more employees redundant, then he is under a statutory obligation to conduct a collective consultation. My boss told me we could apply for the "new" posts, no relocation costs offered, or take redundancy. The first step is to write a voluntary redundancy letter explaining the situation and asking for members of staff to volunteer. Should I push for more or is it hopeless? Thanks Dimpy DcDimpy - Feb PM They are closing a department and there will be other jobs, but from the job descriptions they have specific people in mind. However the reality was very different to the role I was sold and I barely met with my line manager fir the first 6 months so had little or no support. Not exactly what you had in mind. Employees who volunteer to be made redundant are still legally considered to have been made redundant.

Can i negotiate a higher amount purely on the fact that I have worked for this company for 2 years and no employee benefit? The work will pay off.

Positives of redundancy

The first step is to write a voluntary redundancy letter explaining the situation and asking for members of staff to volunteer. Employees can also negotiate their voluntary redundancy notice period and benefits. You have to have been working for your employer for at least two years before you are able to claim statutory redundancy pay, and the amount you receive is pegged to the number of years of service, capped at 20 years. Our Response: This is something you would have to do an online search for, as we only deal with UK-based issues on redundancy. Am I best to not push my luck with asking for a better package? Early retirement Employees nearing retirement age might be keen for a little extra cash before they start taking their pension. Redundancy is one of these times. Visit Gov. That said, the first and most important step is to ensure you're really in a redundancy situation. Use LinkedIn This is one of the best tools to assist you in the process. I have always performed well and have achieved a bonus every year.

This particular team member is highly valuable and they definitely do need him.

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