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The younger ladies are looking for trendy products and enjoy seeing online videos of the products in use. If you just shoot for the minimum, you are taking the chance of missing it. For the younger audiences, we will engage in regular social media campaigns and produce makeup and beauty product tutorials.

E-reps receive their own Avon websites to publish on business cards, brochures and other promotional materials used to attract customers. How much should your order size go up? I created a business plan forand I have to say it was definitely the best decision I made because it helped me know what I needed to do to reach my goals and have something that will keep me accountable.

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Develop your Avon business. Selling can be intimidating, so it's nice to start with friendly faces. At Beauty by Laura, we will set ourselves apart as a trustworthy beauty advisor, not just a money-hungry salesperson. With this information you will also be able to determine what you need to get from point A to point B. Know the Policies Avon is extremely protective of its brand. This fee is waived, though, if sales are made during the campaign. Independent sales representatives are able to work from home, set their own hours and are privy to a wealth of support from the organization. You need to look at your Avon business as if you opened store. Keep track of your sales and earnings. Invite past customers, but advertise the party so that new customers can attend, as well.

When you look at your Avon business as a business so will those who you speak to. While a business plan is not required, it will give your business legitimacy.

Independent sales representatives are not employees of Avon, and must never give the impression that they are. E-reps are charged a nominal fee during each campaign cycle for site maintenance.

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Its online interface now allows independent sales representatives to sell Avon products via the Internet, giving sellers the ability to reach customers outside of their local area. Create a website to advertise online, and have business cards printed so that you can hand them out as needed.

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