As level media studies coursework brief

These will be key codes that will influence me in my production.

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The influence of my main photography on my DVD cover, Poster and my article was on a Yu-Gi-oh card called mind control which is a spell card. This type of setting is what my focus group said to be common.

This was an accidental experiment that has become an important feature.

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Most of these first few films were based on horror literature books such as Frankenstein, Dracula, and The invisible Man. Furthermore, for my individual investigation of the sub-genre supernatural horror, I intend to focus my studies on the concept of genre.

As level media studies coursework brief

The production I am planning and proposed to do is a DVD presskit on the sub-genre supernatural horror. Level 2: Both products within the cross-media brief are attempted, but one product may be significantly better than the other. It should then be submitted to the moderator along with the students' final products. There will also be three new briefs. This is because I will survey my age range and all three types of sampling: stratified sampling, quota sampling and random sampling techniques. In addition, the mise-en-scene and iconography of a broken DVD on the Sinister cover anchors the narrative of the film and its genre. Films like Insidious and Sinister use natural and studio lights to create shadows, but in the late s, films were made using German expression FilmmakerIQ. If a student has used any non-original images, footage or text or has failed to clearly demonstrate how they directed the activity of any unassessed participants in the media product then they should not be awarded marks above Level 2 in the Effectiveness and engagement with industry and audience section of the marking criteria. Size and duration of products Each brief will specify the required length, amount or duration of the media product that must be created. I hope my production will entertain my target audience and will have a professional finish that is worthy of a place in the world of media.

Enigma and symbolic codes are more define in horror because of the iconography. An important part of my production that is necessary for my evaluation is my audience research. BELL, C. This includes films posters, film DVD covers and a film review for a magazine such as Empire.

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Start at the lowest level of the marking criteria and use it as a ladder to see whether the product meets the descriptor for that level. This includes films posters, film DVD covers and a film review for a magazine such as Empire. Marking criteria Guidance on applying the marking criteria Level of response marking instructions are broken down into levels, each of which has a descriptor. Paranormal Activity, Saw and Insidious all have similar narratives with familiar characters that are mainly children, in similar situations which most are possessed in some way. This was a key feature of changing sub-genres to appeal to audiences. The use of pyjamas and a young child is unsettling and anchors the genre. This is because the narrative focuses on film tapes that are a recurring motif. An example of this is one worded film titles which gives a dramatic effect with threatening connotations and the colour red which typically anchors mortality.

Roland Barthes suggests there are 5 codes that describe a meaning of a text. There will also be three new briefs.

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A2 Media Studies Coursework Booklet