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Title and page. What to do with a photo? Customs services in the modern age. Example: Levitt, S.

How to cite a masters thesis apa

For numbers above ten, write a total of 10 not ten. Here you are supposed to present all books, articles, magazines, websites, interview, and pictures you choose to conduct your research. No way out. We cannot make a reference to the publisher or the page in the dissertation. Citation for books, e-sources, websites varies from printed sources. One Author vs. The format for a chapter or essay in an edited book is as follows note the different format for page numbers : Additional APA Style Resources The examples above, while common, are just a few of many different types of sources. Capitalize the first letter of almost every word. Washington: Edit Publishing.

In terms of headings, the manual recommends at least three levels. However, reveal the whole list of sources at the end of the dissertation. If the quotation includes fewer than 40 words, incorporate it in text and enclose it with double quotation marks.

Example: Fernando, G. For multiple pages, use pp.

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Here are some of the basic APA citation rules to keep in mind when formatting your dissertation paper. If material is paraphrased i. Online newspaper Follow the same structure, but place URL at the end of the line.

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How to use a reference to cite a dissertation in APA 6th Edition